“A good friend of mine recommended Josie and used the words “she’s magic” and MAGIC she was. I had my first session in June 2018 having suffered from immense grief after the death of my unborn child. At the time I felt a call to do something alongside talking therapy and looking back, energy healing with Josie was the perfect compliment and start of my self healing journey. Her sessions are beautiful and filled with love and light. A combination of energy healing, sound healing, protective blessings and powerful chants in light language. I would leave each session with a strong deep rooted feeling that something had shifted inside. Her warmth, gentleness and authenticity made me feel at ease, holding such a safe space to release and heal. Thank you so much Josie.” J, June 2019

“Josie and her bowls took my mind and body to another level. The most relaxing, uplifting experience. Just wished she lived nearer! I would be an ‘addict’.” Fiona, Feb 2019

“I cannot recommend Josie highly enough - I have such felt deep shifts and transformations after her sessions that I feel she has helped to take my consciousness to the next level. Josie really helps center me and 'realigns’ my energy. Josie is basically magic! She is an incredible healer and one of the people I rely on to ground and focus me.” Alex Holbrook, Otherness, Feb 2019

“Josie not only opened my eyes to the incredible potential energy healing had for my emotional and physical healing, she catalysed a huge period of deep change in my life that led to me shedding some toxic relationship patterns and finding self love on a deeper level for myself. I went in to her room a slight cynic but came out with a bodily understanding of how energy healing can work on you when you are ready to open to it. Go in with an open mind and trust Josie to guide you - this woman has serious magic in her hands, and the primal release of tears she supportively brought out of me at the end of the session had been over a decade in the making. Energy healing is an amazing tool for us to work on ourselves - every time I receive it from a real deal healer I come out of it with a comprehensive ‘self care to do list’ that shows me where my creative blocks are, where I could be growing in my life that I couldn’t see before. Josie was the first person to give me this kind of mind-blowing, blissful experience and I would recommend her without doubt to anyone either seeking to explore what energy healing is, or looking for a powerful new healer to work with.” Anna Herbs, Feb 2019

“I was lucky to have been guided to Josie recently and have found her to be a genuinely beautiful soul - kind, welcoming, warm and honest. Her healing sessions are heavenly and her intuitive skills are such a wonderful gift. She is an amazing conduit locating blockages, providing relief and is able to create the open, safe space allowing her powerful magic to take place amidst the heavenly sounds of her crystal bowls and the absorbing mystery of light language - Josie is a very special lady indeed and after her sessions, I have felt an inner peace and clarity of thought I have never experienced before.” Karen, Dec 2018

"I am still feeling that light, uplifted and content self that left your doors yesterday. I feel centred, grounded and more clear about everything. The inner joy and peace I feel is not something I can say that I have felt in a very long time. You allowed me to delve deeper into myself, and took me on a trip I needed to take. I feel as if I was supposed to meet you and this is all a part of my journey. Thank you for yesterday, and the energy you gave to allow me to really heal. It has lasted, I had a wonderful and vivid dream of which I would really like to thank you for. It was beautiful and meant the world to me. I saw my grandma who passed away nearly 4 years ago. She is my guardian angel/ spirit guide since who has supported me in both the spiritual realm as well as my waking life. Thank you, and I am so ever appreciative that no words would ever articulate how I feel." Kam, October 2018

“Josie is such an incredible, gifted individual and I highly recommend seeing Josie if you are in need of some healing or some energy alignment. When Josie and I meet our experiences together are nothing but magical. We share beautiful experiences; with a powerful energy. Josie has a lovely, warming and comforting way about her, which you can feel the minute you enter the room. We share bubbles of light and love, and afterwards I feel so much more energetic. After a session I am more in-tune, and I feel positive things come my way. I open up, feel more connected, and more joy! Thank you Josie for everything that you are able to offer and help me with. You are truly very special.” Amily, October 2018

“Being welcomed into Josie's beautiful space in East London made me feel like I had entered a cosmic bubble out in the stratosphere and I left feeling ready to welcome in anything the Autumnal Equinox has to bring me. As someone who is generally very aware of their mind and body I was so grateful to Josie for helping me to realise where my weaknesses and blockages were. The session allowed me to be aware of issues that I was having in my solar plexus and I physically felt Josie open a blockage between my tummy and my heart which left my tummy unsettled for days afterwards (Josie had mentioned in the aftercare email that sometimes you may feel worse before you feel better). I feel set in great stead to continue to open my solar plexus through my heart chakra and use Josie's gentle guidance.Georgie Baldwin Burchell, October 2018

"I was one of the attendees at the event last night. I just wanted to say thank you for such an amazing experience. I have never done any sound healing or energy work before and I was overwhelmed by how incredible, transformative and powerful it was. Today I am feeling very light and tingly (in a good way). I also had a lot of tightness in my hips and inner hamstrings which has disappeared, which is something I couldn't achieve even with lots of yoga and stretching. I have been able to feel 'energy' in my body for a while now, but never really thought much of it until last night when I felt it on a whole new level." Jessica, July 2018

"I had just found out that I was being made redundant from my job of 4 years, as the office was relocating abroad, it was a time to really work out what I was going to do with my life and I went to Josie hoping she would help me – that she definitely did. I didn’t tell Josie this information on arrival, all I said was that I wanted to do some healing as I had had a difficult 3 months. The session itself was amazing and like all energy healings it was completely relaxing, the sounds that are played on crystal alchemy bowls by Josie completely transport you to a meditative state of mind and you can feel the energies working. I came to the end of the session feeling more relaxed and completely calm – but it was what Josie picked up on that astounded me. At the end of the session she will go through with you what she herself picked up on within your energy as she was doing the healing – she couldn’t have been more on point.
She told me that I was at an internal crossroads and struggling with which route to take, but that I really already knew which way I needed to go and that I needed to take a leap of faith and trust my intuition (she didn’t say which way I should go, but I knew inside as soon as she reflected it to me which way it was).
I left the session and hurried to a dinner that I was late for, sat down next to a man called Tim Cooper, his high energy was amazing to me and I immediately was intrigued as to what he did, so I asked him – he said he was a life coach – I laughed inside. I knew I was exactly where I was meant to be."
Alice Law, July 2018

"My experience with Josie was nothing short of phenomenal. After having experienced a few highly traumatic incidents that have caused me to suffer from and be diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder, I suddenly found myself suffering from chronic/acute anxiety which was a daily battle. And just to put it into perspective, I had never before suffered from anxiety, much less found myself crippled by it for the past nearly 2 years. So, thanks to the recommendation of a colleague I visited Josie. The session with her was an extremely corporeal experience to say the least. From her use of Reiki, Light Language, and the Crystal Singing Bowls, throughout each one I could literally feel the healing energy, the unblocking, and the cleansing on a tangible level to the point where I even began to perspire and be flushed with sudden heat from the moment she began to use the Light Language. It was truly a divine experience. And post-visit, I have felt much more like my old self again. I am able to go to bed without anxiety for the first time in nearly two years, and when I do feel the anxiety creeping in it is negligible compared to what I experienced before, and I am able to work through it. I truly feel a tremendous sense of relief and healing.  And all that after only one session! Josie has such a beautiful, benevolent energy that you can immediately feel from the moment you step in the door. She is a profoundly gifted healer and I cannot recommend her highly enough. I will definitely be seeing her regularly." Chiara F, June 2018

"I came to your re:heal class last Tuesday. I was the one who cried at the end of the class and I really wanted to let you know how immensely grateful I am for the healing that started to occur. The release I felt was truly life changing, and since have started to accept and understand deeper as to what required growth and nurturing and what I need to let go of. I had never been to re:mind before and I did not know what the class entailed. I do not think it is a coincidence that it had all components/elements that I am familiar with and I believe in. So thank you, and you have a wonderful energy and presence." K, June 2018

"I have been having healing sessions with Josie for the last few months and her incredible gift has transformed my life. Throughout her sessions, I can feel her removing blockages I didn't even realise I had & releasing old limiting emotions that I have been carrying around for years. The days following her sessions things seems to just fall into place & move me further forward feeling so much lighter.  Following on from the positive experiences I continue to have with Josie's healing sessions, I felt drawn to go on the 'Reiki Level 1 Training'. What an incredible, transformative two days! Josie puts you so at ease & creates such a calming, tranquil environment to learn. There was also beautiful & lovingly prepared Vegan food throughout! I can not recommend 'Reiki Level 1' enough, to start to understand Reiki on a deeper level and to learn ways to heal yourself in your daily life. Thank-you Josie" Laura Owen, May 2018

"I just wanted to express how grateful I am to you, yesterday was really intense but much needed. I can’t put into words the gratitude I have for you and your gift, yesterday meant so much to me, thank you doesnt seem enough." H, Feb 2018

"I struggled with a painful right shoulder for about three years and have always put this down to the way I sat at my desk. However no matter how much I changed my posture, the pain was constant. The discomfort would intensify every now and again, to the point where I thought I would one day have to have surgery on the muscles. I thought I would try energy healing as a first step as I'd heard great things. After my session with Josie, much of the stiffness and knots in my shoulder had completely gone. On a physical level, it has given better results than any deep tissue massage and on an emotional level, it has helped my shift much of the stagnant emotional energy that had been building up" Eleanor, January 2018

"It’s actually quite hard to explain Josie’s healing talents in words. I’ve followed her journey from the start and have been lucky enough to receive healing from her in multiple ways and at different times over the years and truly can’t recommend her enough. After suffering with a few notable ailments, primarily with stomach problems and emotional blockages, I’ve found her healing to at times be the only way to address and fix the issues. For anyone struggling to understand how reiki and intuitive healing could possibly work, I would suggest tenfold to give it a try and see for yourself. There is significant physical reaction to the many ways in which Josie works, they will be unique to you but I highly doubt you could leave her treatment room without a notable energetic and physical uplift and sense of reduced stress and trauma. I look forward to many more years of work with Josie and can’t wait to witness her power up even more as time goes on! She deserves 100 stars but sadly there are only 5 here so I’ll have to settle with that :) Thank you so much Josie/Eleven Healing" Julia Jennings, January 2018

"I have had 2 super beautiful and transformative healing sessions with Josie this summer. After going through a difficult period, my friends recommended me to see Josie. My sister and I also booked our mum a treatment as a gift for her Birthday. She offers the healing light. She holds a totally safe, supportive and loving space to release and be totally receptive to the exchange. The experience is peaceful and powerful, beyond what I could ever have expected." Lilli Stewart, December 2017

"Thank you so much for today Josie, I feel so light and clear and beaming! I forgot to tell you that the word 'light' kept coming into my head during the session with a big light beam across my third eye, so what you said after made total sense to me!" Daisy, December 2017

"I highly recommend...she gave me so much peace, healing & comfort for my throat, was storing many blockages there... my voice sounded different after" Cherub, December 2017

"My session with Josie was really incredible, and I'm already going to see her again :) She explained the different techniques she uses throughout the session and put me at ease straight away. I definitely would recommend her to others!" Dionne Estabrook, November 2017

"Thanks so much again for such an amazing session yesterday - I was so fascinated I was reading all about light energy after I got home from dinner! Feel absolutely amazing today. Went for a run this morning as the sun came up through the mist and it was like being inside all the white light I was seeing with you yesterday. So beautiful!" Alice Burnfield, November 2017

"I’ve been seeing Josie for 2 years now, I couldn’t recommended her enough, she is truly amazing, she helped me with a lot of emotional issues and some physical too. Her help was very precious, she is an angel" Aline Mouillerat, Dog Behaviourist, October 2017

"I have been receiving healings from Josie for many years now and we have looked at emotional, energetic and trauma blocks with amazing insights, clarity and true success in the transmutation of such stagnant energies.

The session I had this week was to start to heal some physical issues that have manifested in my body. I have had chronic sinusitis for a year now in which I have headaches, face pain, sneezing fits, mucus, itching and swelling around my face, throat, eyes and ears. Josie worked very deeply around my head and face it felt like I was having an energetic operation, afterward she described pulling thick energies out and blockages and I could feel this for sure. I also have issues with kidney, bladder infections and Josie was able to work around my root and sacral chakras to help heal the inflammation. 
The reason I mention these ailments in detail and the session is because even though I know how profound energy work is I sometimes forget myself how beneficial it is for actual physical manifestations within the body - pain, disease, illness, imbalances etc. I have felt really clear and my symptoms have for sure lessened, I know anything that is chronic within the body needs time to heal so I will be going back for follow up treatments for this specific intention. 
Sometimes physical issues can be confusing and when they persist and it feels like nothing is helping your energy can become low causing your immune system to weaken and it goes in cycles - this is my truth in any case - and I feel like energy work really can offer that holistic way of healing the body, mind and soul because to heal anything in the body the mind and soul have to take part and ultimately be at peace.

Josie again never fails to provide such deep insights and clarity, her intuition is so valuable and it is clear how closely she is working with spirit and her higher self. I felt safe to face deeper emotional issues that have been the cause of the body imbalances and I left feeling like every cell in my body was thanking me and sighing in pure joy.

I can't wait for my follow up sessions I really feel this treatment is going to help me and I know I am in safe hands/energy and totally held by Josie. I have experienced many ways of healing and I truly value Josie's authentic way of working. She is the essence of the notion that a practitioner must remove oneself in order to allow for authentic healing within that person, she understands that we have the ability to heal ourselves and she is a catalyst for this process. This for me is super important, grounded and humble.

This session also had crystal bowl healing and light language which activated my soul and spoke to my heart. Such a beautiful addition to an already deeply powerful healing modality." Shardai Lynn, Kambo Practitioner, October 2017

"Reiki was a game changer for me. Real tangible feelings and results. Josie is amazing at what she does and for anyone skeptical I can now attest wholeheartedly to the legitimate benefits. Am so glad I found Reiki and it will most definitely be a continued part of my life! thank you Josie" Adam Wise, October 2017

"I started seeing Josie at the beginning of this year & I can honestly say that she has changed my life! I couldn’t recommend her more highly" Naomi Burnett, House of Polly, October 2017

"In February (2017) I began my journey with Josie. Having never had reiki before and being into holistic health and healing myself I had been drawn to experiencing this. Josie was a recommendation from a very good friend. I didn't really know what to expect, and to be honest I wasn't really sure what I was going there for... My first visit was emotional for me, a huge release of things I had be holding onto for years. I was pretty much blown away by the power of this healing- how could I be feeling so "normal" day to day and then something open up for me and make me feel deeply sad? Something I had been holding inside for a really really long time was being released.

I have been seeing Josie for the last 8 months monthly pretty much, sometimes, if needed, more frequently. Sometimes there are things that I need to release and need to work on, it can often be an emotional experience for me, I find it hard to express myself so I hold a lot of my emotions inside of me that I need to let go. However with Josie and the love from the universe I am now more open, now lighter, I have made small changes in my life that have had a huge impact on how I feel day to day. Every time I leave Josie I feel like something has shifted, things I have been carrying for years that I didn't even know I was storing may come up (this is only recently that I now seem to be going deeper) and I'm okay with that, Josie makes me feel okay with it. Sometimes it's a bit raw, but I know that after a couple of days I will feel better. And I always do. I am honestly the happiest and most patient with myself I have been in years. I have learnt so much in such a short amount of time.

Josie is honestly an angel. I tell near enough anybody I speak with about her and my experiences, I couldn't recommend her enough to anybody that wants to heal themselves deeply. She is truly an amazing woman with unbelievable healing powers." Melody, September 2017

"I recently had a Reiki and sound healing session with Josie and it was incredible. Josie has such a calm and relaxed manner and is a joy to be around. I had been struggling with energy blockages and mild anxiety and Josie intuitively focussed on my problem areas. I run my own business which is fun, challenging but all encompassing and I needed to incorporate some 'Me time' into my life. After a session with Josie I know I will feel lighter, energised and equipped with new tools to tackle stressful times. I literally cannot wait for my next session." Charlotte Wood, Owner, Floral designer at Wild Wood London, September 2017

"Thank you to you Josie <3 During a particularly testing time in my life you gifted me with support and love beyond what i expected or felt worthy of. I've witnessed your healing journey and been blessed to walk alongside you from those very first few years of (intense!) awakening. I'm grateful to call you my friend <3

The time, love and compassion you so selflessly give to others never goes unnoticed. Not only do you hold such a supportive space but the time you spend working on yourself, humbly facing your own humanness, enables true empathy to flow into each session. I've had a few sessions with you now and each were beautiful in their own way. The most recent ones were during a challenging time in my life last year. I had turned to many different healers to assist with some of the things that i was facing but none validated my own views or feelings of what was going on like you did. You seen me and listened with an open heart. You understood and sat with me in total patience giving space for me to feel exactly how i did. I felt encouraged and empowered to trust myself and your simple words of belief in me were precious. They kept me afloat for many weeks after.

For anyone looking to work with a healer who lives their life in alignment with their words; understands the myriad of layers of suffering we as humans can experience; or simply holds a loving space for you to open up or go deeper into some things that may feel too scary to explore - A session with Josie will be such a gift.. And just to add something else - If all you are needing is some time to relax and allow you body, mind and soul to unplug and rest, again, a healing session is such a lovely gift to give yourself <3 Self love and a little nurturing with energy and magical serene sound is sometimes all we need to bring us back into alignment <3 Thank you again for your service to the world beautiful Josie" Elyse, September 2017

"Josie has a gift that is so unique and special. Her energy is beautiful, nurturing and gives off the purest vibration. Reiki with Josie is an experience like no other, there is no denying her gift. She is an exceptional healer, so in tune and connected, I feel like I've been touched by an angel. I have had a lot of trauma and challenges in my life in recent years and despite how blocked my chakras are, with perseverance and understanding she has always realigned and opened all my chakras. Once during a session, my heart chakra was so blocked even after an hour it wouldn't open, I felt the block like a pain in my chest and in my head was asking, please take the pain away. Her intuition is so heightened she picked up on my message and at that exact moment she focused in on my heart chakra again. It was like this surge of relief, the pain in my chest dissolving like it was being pulled out of my body. When my heart chakra opened I felt all this energy build up release itself. She had already opened all the other chakras but my heart chakra was stubborn so when that finally opened I felt the work of everything else she had done and I could feel the flow of my body circulating. I began breathing like I'd never breathed before, there was such an energy build up inside me that when it was released I was breathing such deep breaths of it out. It felt so detoxifying.  There was energy that needed to be released from my third eye and from my hands, she used sound vibration to help release this energy which felt really lovely and freeing. Once she released the excess energy everything flowed in my body like air, I felt awakened. I cannot wait for my next session, her healing is magical. Thank you Josie" Jeyda Halil, September 2017

"Thank you so much for the most magical healing last night. I can't explain how amazing I felt, light and just beaming with gratitude and joy all the way home. I read up about the language of light and saw that it can also be interpreted as the language of the heart - so apt, I felt like love and light were just washing over me.  Needless to say, I slept like a baby, it was the best rest and I still feel incredible today. You have such a special gift and I so appreciate you sharing it with me. Truly thank you" Danni, September 2017

"Amazing experience with Josie in the wellbeing area of Houghton Festival. First reiki experience, two days in a row - really opened up to her in comfort like therapy then proceeded to rid of negative energy that had accumulated not only of late but also deeper rooted that had been holding me back. Now feel lighter and will continue to get reiki regularly. it's been a long time coming and glad i now see and feel the full benefits first hand. Josie has an amazing calming energy" Adam Wise, August 2017

"I have been having healing's from Josie since she started and I am a huge fan! I was a little sceptical but after the first session I was hooked and my feelings were only positive ones. It never ceases to amaze me how quickly Josie is in tune with my physical and emotional state. Josie picks up on my issues and I feel them melt away! For example like lots of us, I have a stressful life and suffer with lights in my head but by the end of a session they leave me and I feel balanced and calm! I am constantly looking for improvement of my wellbeing and Josie helps greatly. Wether you believe or not, all of my ailments are improving, my medication for lung disease has been greatly reduced as I seem to be improving! Something the consultant said won't happen! My back and joint problems are improving! The pain has all but gone! I believe Josie has played a massive part in my improvement and I can't thank her enough. So if you care and love yourself, or not, I recommend you go and see for yourself! So thank you Josie, you are a shining star of light in this sometimes dark world we live in! I recommend everyone should be open and give Josie a chance to work her magic! Truly a gift from the universe x" Danny, June 2017

"I don't know where to start when it comes to describing how having reiki with Josie has fundamentally changed my life. Before I met her I was burnt out but seemingly healthy. I exercised regularly, ate well, rarely drank alcohol if at all but I never felt quite right in my body. I always had flu or aches and pains in my hips, back and shoulders. After one session Josie created such a huge shift in my energy that I could see my whole life very clearly and that all my problems stemmed from the fact that I have spent most of my life burying away emotion rather than deal with it and it had left me in this constant holding pattern which never changed, it just got worse no matter what I tried to do. 

We have been working together for three months now and I feel like a completely different person. I am happier, brighter, calmer, confident and more open. My smile is wider, my eyes sparklier and my hair has turned pink which I am pretty sure is the colour it was always meant to be. My creative mind has come to the front where it has always been frustrating blocked and I know see a bright and happy future for myself. She has even inspired me to start practicing reiki because it is an amazing gift to be able to help people clear out the crap from their lives and live with unbridled joy in their hearts. 

As for Josie herself I honestly don't think I have ever met another human being who is just so grounded and earthly yet could possible be a fairy in disguise. Her energy is so pure and calming that even being near her is a pleasure. She is so easy to talk to and genuinely cares about her clients. You will feel well looked after and guided with love. 

So if you are reading this and think "nah, I'm not convinced that this is for me" or "I don't believe that this is all possible" or "Double what the fuck this is way too woo woo" then would suggest that you be open minded and give it a try because you don't have to believe in it for it to work and the worst that can happen is nothing at all (which isn't likely) and the best thing that can happen is you become the best possible version of yourself and live a life of happiness and joy. What are you waiting for?" Nicola Melly, Post Production Producer, May 2017

"I’d wanted to experience Reiki for a while and I was lucky to have found Josie. I had the most wonderful session with her. I didn’t know what to expect and it turned out to be a truly magical experience. I was amazed by the power of her healing which was spot on and it has benefited me not only emotionally but it also resulted in my back pain of a few years completely disappearing. Josie has a true gift and she has made a big difference to my life which I will always be grateful for." Magdalena Bartosiak, April 2017

"Thank you so much for my session yesterday. I am feeling good and couldnt stop smiling on my way home. At the moment I feel quite switched on and in the present if that makes sense. Your reading of my Chakras was so intuitive I couldnt believe. You have a magic gift, I am so glad I came." Elisha Iley, The Social Stylist, April 2017

"I have been seeing Josie for nearly a year now. I found her at a time when I was ready to incorporate energy healing in my overall healing and transformation. I think we can all intuitively feel when this needs to happen… the feeling of being out of touch, stuck, tired or just simply sad and alone… these might not seem like reasons why you would seek energy healing… but maybe it should be. Reflecting on myself and this journey the most important things I have gotten from our sessions… is going away with a stronger sense of ME and realising my world depends on it… I am and always will be ALL that I have and when I feel me I feel how much WE are ALL connected… the energetic consciousness LIFE" Lisa Price, March 2017

"The session way surpassed what I thought I'd maybe get out of it, you truly are very gifted at healing. I feel fab, the groggy head cleared away in the afternoon & I'm not sure if it was the deep relaxation that meant I relaxed my muscles fully or perhaps it had been an energy blockage around trapezius that is now flowing but I also noticed this afternoon that there is no tension in my back, I have a desk job so normally only a deep tissue massage sorts my back out. I've been raving about the session all afternoon to my family & friends" Katie Molloy, March 2017

"Post session, I feel AMAZING! Seriously back in tune and healed. The sessions with you are SO good for me. I wish I had met you years ago, I know I would be a different (better) person now. I can't thank you enough for the energy and space you give to me during our sessions. It really feels like MY time to heal, to grow, to get back to myself. I realise that in my time and efforts caring for others, that I often forget to care for myself. So to feel care and energy from you in my last session made me feel so emotional. Allowing myself that safe and beautiful place where the focus was entirely on me was overwhelming" Sue Shone, Cosmic Flower Shop, March 2017

"I have had three sessions so far with Josie; the first was very intense and a break through for me in dealing with a difficult time in my life. By the time I left I felt lighter and more at peace with myself, by the second I was able to open up even more to the experience and deal with some deeper issues, able to find clarity and acceptance.  By the third time I was feeling so much stronger and self aware. I would recommend reiki with Josie to anyone who is looking to find some self love and healing if you're going through a tough time. Even though i'm feeling back to myself again i can't wait for my next session because I always feel lighter and uplifted afterwards" Julianne Turner, March 2017

"I've been seeing Josie for healing for 3 months now. Initially she helped me unload a lot of emotional baggage I was unaware that I was carrying, as well as aided me in understands and categorising my own reactions to certain situations in my life. Following this unloading I've found my tinnitus in the right ear has lessoned considerably and I feel a lot more grounded as well as content in my day to day life, my usual dry morning throat has gone due to Josie encourage me to speak my truth. I've also been able to focus and direct my energies into positive results in my career without questioning myself. The best thing about Josie's healing is the time and consideration she takes over her clients, she listens to what your body is saying and then discuses it with you following the treatment... helping you understand sensations you felt during the treatment and how to follow up in your home care. I've recommended Josie to many friends as the work she does truly does make a difference no matter how sceptical you are about healing." Ellie Blackwell, Ev Black Clothing, January 2017

"I have been lucky enough to experience 3 beautiful healing's from Josie. All of them have been so relevant in my life with what I needed at the time. My last healing was very strong, we experienced a very powerful energy in the room. I was actually blown away at how incredible her powers were especially this time. Whilst I was in healing I had experienced a big blue light around me towards the end of our session. Once we completed we had discussions about everything and Josie mentioned the blue light before I had a chance to! I felt extremely lucky to be in the hands of such a experienced & powerful healer :) Since my healing I have progressed so much in the areas that I needed working on and have really noticed how the healing helped me shift certain things I needed to in my life. I would highly recommend Josie and very much looking forward to my next visit. Thanks again!" Shireen Sirena, The Bear's Essentials, January 2017

"Josie has such lovely energy about her and she makes you feel comfortable straight away :) Highly recommend!" Sammy Byrne, Sammy Anne's Therapies, January 2017

"Josie gave me my first reiki healing, I was unsure what to expect at the time but Josie's energy is so warm, open and beautiful which put me right at ease instantly. Her intuition is second to none and her after her healing I felt so much more in tune with myself, balanced and clear. I couldn't recommend her any more and will definitely be coming back for more. Thank you Josie" Annette Blacker, January 2017

"I would fully recommend Eleven Healing to anyone who feels they need some help to work through some things in their lives. It really helped me to work through some issues I had with a past relationship" Liam Jones, DJ/Producer, January 2017

"I had a wonderful treatment from Josie last week. Her intuition is second to none and she picked up blockages relating to issues I hadn't even realised I was carrying. Having her gentle open dialogue, and warm reassuring touch, made me not only feel at ease, but as though my whole self was being listened too. Thank you again Josie! I'll be back very soon" Alice Paton, TRE Hackney, December 2016

"Amazing healer - deeply relaxed. She is very in tune with what she does. Namaste." Shirley, November 2016

"Beautiful! Cleared a lot of negative energy and blockages that had built up recently. I feel so clear and peaceful now." Ceri, DJ/Producer, November 2016

"I am writing this wonderful review for such a wonderful person! Josie has helped me in more ways than I ever imagined. I originally visited Josie because I had a lot going on and I could not process it all in my head, I needed clarity and to get my body feeling back in balance! Little did I know she could help with my physical problems through energy healing!

After my first visit the primarily focus was mainly drawn to my solar plexus area. After talking to Josie some more, I actually explained that weirdly I was suffering from Eczema in this region! Something that I had been suffering from for 9 months! After countless trips to the doctor, dermatologists and every other specialist, only to feel “fobbed off” and not listened to, I was begrudgingly put on steroid creams and told there was nothing else I could do. The steroid creams were only supposed to be used for a couple of weeks at a time, 9 months in and I was still stuck on them, using them every single day. Tired, fed up and about to give up I booked a couple more sessions with Josie and I vowed I was never going to use steroid creams again! She spent all her focus and energy on this area, a couple of days after my last treatment I felt instant relief it was amazing! Two months later, I have still not used my steroid creams once! Anybody who suffers from Eczema will understand my situation and how difficult it is to manage, so no steroid creams is absolute music to my ears!

I actually do not know what I would have done if I hadn’t started energy healing with Josie, it was making me severely depressed. Josie is a dream come true and I cannot recommend her any more. Thank you so much Josie for helping me both spiritually and physically" Kelly Small, November 2016

"Whenever I visit London I ensure I have a healing with Josie. Her energy is so warm and peaceful, you instantly feel at ease. Her healing's are very intuitive and she really tunes in to areas there are issues. During the healing I always feel super relaxed and a lot shifting energetically. On a recent visit I'd had physical anxiety for weeks for no apparent reason, 6 weeks later it is still completely gone after Josie's healing. I also had a reading which was very insightful. I can't recommend Josie highly enough." Claire Pallister, July 2016

"I have been visiting Josie for a while now after a friend's recommendation and I couldn't recommend a more wonderful healer. Every session has been a little different as its all dependent on what your body needs at the time but each time is wonderful, leaving me feeling lighter and balanced, and thinking clearer without the old energy and with all my chakras open. There have been various points where I have been at a crossroads or been trying to process some difficult news and visiting Josie has really helped me. Josie always creates an amazing healing space, making me feel at ease and cared for from the moment I arrive. I also have tarot readings with her that just never cease to amaze me - helping me see things in my life that I may not have been clear on before." Lydia Laws, July 2016

"I always leave Josie's calm and comforting environment feeling lighter and fully relaxed with a clearer mind and an open heart. Her warmness and kind nature makes you feel completely comfortable to open up and be healed with every session focussing on the areas you most need it. Josie is a true magic angel with a beautiful energy and power to heal." Daisy Marlow, Stylist, June 2016

"Having my reiki healing session with Josie was one of the most powerful experiences I have encountered in my life so far. I'm looking forward to have my next session and also to recommend it to my friends and clients. Thank you Josie" Ana Louisa Rosas, DJ Agent, April 2016

"Just over a week ago, I got my first reiki session from Eleven Healing by the amazing and magical; Josie! I went to her with some issues regarding my health and my mind. Coming out of the healing, I was so surprised at how effective It was. I have never felt so motivated in my life. I feel positive, energised and revitalised and not only that but Josie has really helped me feel really fit and healthy. Since seeing Josie I have also been offered a full time job that I have accepted. So she can obviously help with all aspects of your life. I cannot recommend this enough. Absolutely amazing experience." Adam Diamond, December 2015

"I had the pleasure of having a session with Josie and it was a wonderful experience and I definitely felt energy shift from blocked places, thank you Josie" Esther Oluka, November 2015

"This week Josie did an hour of distance healing for me.... I will admit to being sceptical about this benefitting me, not understanding how it might! However I slept for a peaceful full 5 1/2 hours from the start of her session.... The most sleep I have had for 10 days as I am suffering with a severe chest infection that has led me to have sustained periods of coughing virtually all night. I cannot recommend distance healing strongly enough - give it a go and feel the amazing results! Thank you my lovely Josie" Mandy Kittlety, Manager, Luxury Care, November 2015

"I had the most amazing energy healing work with Josie this week, feeling much lighter and clearer now :) 100% recommend this girl she has some serious power! Thank you angel" Riya Hollings, Stylist/Creative Director/Photographer, November 2015

"I had heard a lot about reiki but didn't really have much idea what to expect, in the past I considered myself a very closed book and hadn't really tried or expected much from alternative healing treatments. Ive had reiki off Josie on two occasions, both of which have quite literally blown me into another dimension. I've clearly visualised and felt each different energy and experienced every emotion possible during these two healing experiences. My body has reacted very heavily to all the negative energy being lifted (must have been a bloody lot to go) and things I've held onto that I didn't even realise were deep rooted in my emotions have been exposed to me and healed in this process. I found both my experiences very different and extremely powerful each time. By the end of this I have felt like the energy from Josie's hands has given me a warm soft soothing cuddle and made me feel amazing. 

As someone who has never thought to explore reiki healing I honest cannot recommend it enough!!! Josie has the most beautiful tone and aura in these sessions, putting the lighting, music and vibe of the room together perfectly to build the most therapeutic healing environment. We both ended up in tears together due to the intensity of these sessions. Afterwards I have always had such a clear head and direction of what I want to do with my life. 

After the session Josie spoke to detail to me about what I experienced and gave me excellent insight into myself and the session in general. Josie ever the professional makes detailed notes of each session with her clients so for your next session she knows exactly which areas need specific work on and to compare differences from each reiki experience. Reiki with Josie is probably the closest you will ever get to being sprinkled with magic fairy dust xxx" Jessica Louise, October 2015

'It's taken me a while to get round to doing this but earlier on in the summer I had my first reiki session (with Josie and ever) and it was quite literally out of this world. I'm definitely a spiritual person and have explored many avenues in my attempts to connect closer with the source/highest self/universe/God....however you choose to describe it, but I must admit I was in the very back of my mind slightly sceptical. None of my nearest and dearest had ever had reiki and an uninspiring round of acupuncture a few years earlier had fuelled my cynicism somewhat. 

When I arrived the first thing that hit me was Josie's energy, she is surrounded by some of the most welcoming, calming vibes I have ever had the pleasure of being around. She instantly made me feel comfortable and we sat and chat for a while, had some tea and generally relaxed which was so lovely having been at work all day. I wasn't expecting to feel rushed but Josie was so relaxed and never once made me feel like I was an 'appointment'.

During the healing itself Josie did a lot of work on my throat, heart and solar plexus chakra (I didn't know much about chakras before the session and she explained this to me after my healing was finished) and when she was I honestly felt like I was flying, it was how I imagine being in a deep meditative state must feel, beautiful colours and visuals and literally the feeling of transcending my physical body temporarily. After the healing Josie first asked me how I felt and how I had found the treatment, she then explained what it was she had felt and (obviously) it all aligned. It was a really emotional experience to be honest, some of what we discussed was like hearing answers to questions that I didn't know I even needed the answer to but hearing them was like a weight being lifted off my shoulders...

Since seeing Josie I have felt a significant increase in my physical and spiritual wellbeing, I genuinely believe she cleansed my energies and healed some of my wounds because I have felt benefits in areas of my life from my eating habits to my yoga practise (which by the way I felt a strong need to increase after my session). All in all I cannot say enough good things about this and whether your a psychedelic spiritual warrior or a business banker working in the City I would recommend you go because this girl got some seriously good vibes going on! I will most definitely be back for some of her post Ibiza loving" Maxine Barratt, MSB Yoga, August 2015

"Eleven Healing reiki has had such a positive influence on me - I feel calmer and more in tune with who I am and what I want from life. During our sessions I could feel incredibly powerful energy surges and after only a few sessions I feel like we have cleared a huge amount of negative energy and emotional blocks that I have been holding on to for years. As a practitioner Josie is brilliant - she's warm, calm and always on hand to offer advice and support. I can't recommend her highly enough. Thank you Josie! <3" Hannah Moth, August 2015

"I had my first reiki healing with Josie about a month ago. New to reiki, I had no expectations of what to expect both during the session and after. Josie has such a nurturing, feminine energy and she approaches her work with passion and authenticity. Throughout the session I was able to clearly feel an emotional block within me that relates to my solar plexus. Josie intuitively felt this too and brought it up after our session so was able to process it and release it. Josie also mentioned in the post session discussion that she had to remove a lot of heavy energy from my shoulders. Prior to my session I had so much tightness and pain in shoulder muscles. Now, a month from my first and only session with Josie, I am still free of the pain and tightness despite doing a long haul flight and carrying really heavy bags!! There is no doubt that Josie has a gift in the healing world and I am so thankful that I was able to receive it!" Katie Kalil, July 2015

"I have had three powerful sessions with Josie, each felt very different but all have been amazing. During an emotional time, Reiki helped me to understand my own feelings and release negativity. After each session I felt lighter and more positive. I honestly cannot recommend Josie enough!" Katie Gunn, July 2015

"I had been battling stomach issues for about 7 years before finally giving reiki a go. I was skeptical as many are but after years of doctors telling me what to eat and the addition of yoga and meditation leaving me no better, thought I'd give it a go. It's been about a month now and can't really believe it! I'm not quite sure what Josie does but I am proof that it works :)" Hannah Cloke, July 2015

"Just had a beautiful healing from this magical lady. Even more special being in Ibiza. I highly recommend Josie for energy healing, I feel amazing and balanced. Her intuition and affinity with this energy is clear to see and more importantly feel!" Shardai Lynn, Kambo with Shardai, July 2015

"Feeling amazing today (even after a week in ibiza!) after my session yesterday. thanks Josie" Ceri Ann Owens, DJ/Producer, July 2015

"I wasn't sure what to expect but it was an amazing experience. The healing had a strong physical effect on me at the time and long term emotional one. I would encourage everyone to be open-minded and try it. Josie made me feel so comfortable and she explained everything in a way which made such sense. She is fantastic. Reiki has changed my view on how I feel about my body and mind." Sally Boyle, July 2015

"Seeing Josie at Eleven Healing gave me a very real experience of how the energetics of my body effect the energy of the world around me. I am just starting to learn about chakras and explore the idea that energy within my body can effect my emotions, my health and my outer life, but I took the sign that was given to come and see Josie, despite not really understanding why and it has changed the way I feel immensely. I feel like I've accessed a deep route to change and to understand why my life is a certain way, and after clearing some energy with Josie I am experiencing an ongoing positive shift in the way people interact with me and my emotional and physical reactions to difficult situations. Chakra work will definitely be an ongoing part of my life as the experience has given me an insight into who I really am and the realisation that I'm living in a world that is reflecting and responding more to what is inside of me than what I try to control and present outside." Katie Reid, May 2015

"This was my first experience of reiki and I have to say, I have never felt better! I have had a lot of back/shoulder pain for the past two years. Normally after a massage I feel relief for an hour or so and then the pain is back. I haven't had any pain for 8 hours after the treatment. Josie explained what was involved in reiki very clearly and the consultation at the end was very thorough. Left me a lot to think about! Thanks Josie! I am sure I will be back again!" Raj Reehal, April 205

"Living and working in a busy city can get a little stressful, hectic, pressurising and over-whelming on our mind, body and soul to say the least. Josie offers her healing ability to me to help relieve these strains to make me feel like a brighter me again. We talk about what the crystal pendulum detects at first to understand where the balances/imbalances & blockages lye on my body followed by a healing which is in my opinion a very calming and relaxing feeling. I've had visuals of my chakras and spirit animals in all my healing's I've had so far with Josie. I would really recommend seeing this incredible soul, I'm more than certain she will make a positive difference with you x" Nuriye Sonmez, Hair Stylist & Groomer, April 2015

"I don't usually like to talk much about my 'spiritual' side on social media as I feel like its a private thing for me. But had to come and write a review for Josie regardless because she is so amazing. I have been on a spiritual journey for some time now and although I take steps to look after myself, meditate and be healthy (most of the time!) I do sometimes slip up / need a bit of extra help. This journey is a constant work in progress after all.....  I've had reiki a few times before but never like anything Josie does. She definitely has an innate talent and could tell me things about myself I hasn't even realised yet, as well as showing me which areas in my life I need to work on / focus on to find balance. I am prone to over-thinking and also sometimes get creative blocks which can hinder me. After my first session with Josie I felt like my creativity was flowing again (after suffering from a creative block for some time). I also found meditation easier because my mind was calmer and clearer.I don't know exactly what she does or how she does it but I've had two sessions with her now and will definitely be having reiki with her again in the future. Highly Recommended to anyone, whether you're a skeptic or have been having reiki with anyone else. Has to be felt to be believed! Peace and love xxxxx" Ceri Ann Owens, DJ/Producer, April 2015

"I went to see Josie because I knew something wasn't quite right. I kept feeling run down etc. Josie was able to identify where my chakras were blocked, and I feel much better since having just one session" Sophie Hannah, March 2015

"Just had my first full Eleven Healing experience, and I feel like i've just been through outer space. Such a great experience.. fully taken care of and nurtured by the lovely Josie.. I can't recommend this enough.. All love xxx" Dani Wolf, Director, March 2015

"I had really amazing session with Josie last Friday night. Having had a rather formal reiki experience before I was expecting the same but got so much more. From the friendly offer of a cup of herbal tea at the start, to the lovely music and a really insightful, sensitive chat afterwards; I felt cared for and nourished throughout. Also amazingly Josie was able pick up on the fact that my front body and back body energies were completely imbalanced (a few days before I'd had acupuncture to open all my front channels but hadn't yet had a session on my back to open those up). Yup, this lady is the real deal. A gifted healer and a lovely calming presence. Highly recommended. muchisimas gracias sister :)))))" Alex Pardois, Kambo Practitioner, March 2015

"Beautiful, gentle & powerful soul - could not of asked for more from my session. Thank you so much and can't wait for my next one xxx" Laura Peacock, February 2015

"This has been a truly life-changing experience for me. I can't tell you how much I think that everyone should have Josie and Eleven Healing in their life. Even after the second session I felt so much more in tune with the healing process and it's amazing how Josie was able to read me and my emotions, and discover what areas of life that need the most attention. Josie has a truly beautiful gift and I can't wait for the next session" Anna Wall, DJ/Producer, January 2015

"Josie, you are truly amazing, a beautiful healer. It was a powerful and incredible experience and hugely beneficial to me. THANK YOU XXX" Sophie Ritchie, Disco Barre, January 2015

"Josie has always had a natural affinity with energy, for many years now I have sought after her for energy work and I have had many experiences whereby her powerful gifts have allowed for light and love to enter my life at dark times.
I recently received a healing from Josie and it is the first time since she achieved her Reiki training, I was quite simply blown away by the intensity and power of the whole experience, she went beyond any Reiki treatment I have received in the past. It was so deep and perfectly in tune with my path at this moment. Josie not only allowed for this healing journey to unfold beautifully but she made me feel safe explaining everything clearly, as well as providing more than adequate after care and lots of very appropriate advice coming from the heart.
When working with this sort of healing I feel it is essential to have someone who is the full package, spiritually connected yet grounding and nurturing. Just being in Josie's company is healing in itself, it is clear that this is her path in life and energy work is a beautiful gift she can express with purity and ease.
I can't wait for my next treatment.
A true angel walking this Earth. Thank you sister" Shardai Lynn, November 2014

5*  Gabrielle Ritchie, October 2014

"Josie has completed 1 reiki session with me to try to address severe back pain and related issues. During the session I was amazed by the strength of positive energy I was feeling and now 24 hours later I am even more amazed by the improvements in symptoms I am having. I can't wait for session 2 tomorrow. Josie seems to have succeeded where traditional medicine was unable to help" Mandy Kittlety, October 2014

"Had an amazing session last night, highly recommend getting this done before you jet off to reality!" April Currie, October 2014

"I had my first ever session with Josie last week in Ibiza and it was a really incredible experience. I was really interested in the practice which she explained a lot about before. Then afterwards we spoke at length about the results which subsequently brought up a few areas of my life which need development and I can now go about actioning this. The actual healing was very peaceful and actually quite a surreal physical experience. Am looking forward to continuing with it when she is back in the UK. Highly recommended!" Bobby Connolly, September 2014

'Josie, i have been meaning to message you to say this for a while but the hectic ways of the world often get in the way. but i thought i would like to share it with others and on your page for anyone considering healing. after coming home from ibiza i have felt so energised, content and focused with the direction my life is taking - no one ever comes home from ibiza buzzing about how mint they feel - but i really have and put this down to the healing you gave me, thank you - special soul. after your healing i also felt incredibly connected to friends and the universe - having experienced spiritual gifts, as i can only put it, in ibiza surrounded by you and other special souls. thank you love' Laura Neve Tacey, August 2014

"Rarely do I share anything of this nature. However Josie was incredible. So anyone looking for this kind of thing should check her out." Lucy Lucy, August 2014

"I can not really put into words, that justifies the overwhelming energy that I can now feel and see after visiting Josie. Her special gift was able to stimulate my Third Eye reiki chakra and has had a direct impact on expanding my awareness and consciousness and discovering my core values. Shortly after my first visit, I was able to share a unique spiritual connection with Josie, during the super moon in July, where my spiritual awareness was awoken. I can not recommend my beautiful friend more. She is the magic that lives inside us all xx" Alisha Tara Crompton, July 2014

"After a really stressful few weeks I was feeling extremely negative and not quite sure where I was going. I met Josie and straight away knew reiki would be a good choice for me. I've never had it before so during the experience it was hard to pin point exactly what I felt but after it was incredible! I felt like I was floating! All my worries and doubt gone, taken over by peace and serenity. I felt overall more balanced and in tune with myself! I would definitely recommend Josie to everyone and look forward to my next reiki healing. :) xxxxxxxxxx" Charlotte Farr, July 2014

"When I first heard of Reiki I was quite skeptical about the process but also nieve. Even though I am spiritual I was convinced it was a con somehow. This aside I eventually decided to try and open up to the idea of it and see what it was like. Josie told me more about the process and I ended up finding it really interesting as I do believe in energy. In my first session I was amazed how it opened my third eye so I saw visuals and all of the chakra colours in my head as Josie was healing me, this was the first indication that this was a special treatment. Furthering this I then had the best night sleep whilst going through a tough period where I had not been able to sleep most nights previous. Since then I have had many sessions with Josie and I really love the whole process and concept of it, she is very in tune with using her and your energy. It's a great treatment if you have a very hectic lifestyle and job as it really does help any stresses or even a few sessions can help any aches or pains that can be caused by these stresses as our mind and body are very connected. I now see Josie once a week and it's really helped me level out with my hectic life." Christopher Bookless, July 2014

"I’ve been having a stressful few months and not been sleeping well. On one particular week I felt really low and sad so Josie gave me a healing. A lot of negative energy had been building up around my body and straight away Josie could sense this as she was drawn to my stomach and back as particular areas to heal. She was able pull the negative energy out of me causing a tingling sensation, which felt amazing. After the session, I felt content and my body felt lighter, relaxed and strong inside and out. Josie is incredibly warm hearted and genuine and made me feel comfortable and tranquil straight away. She is insightful and understanding and her passion for Reiki is infectious. I’m so blessed to have a friend like her and have benefited from her positive influence. I can strongly recommend Josie to anyone" Charlotte Nalchi, July 2014

"Couldn't think of a better avenue for this wonderfull lady! See you in ibz for my first appointment!! Xxx' Shannon, July 2014

"To see such a dear friend and amazing girl fulfilling her potential is beyond words. If you're in Ibiza this summer there is no better human being out there to help you with all your healing needs. I can't recommend this enough to new comers to spirituality or seasoned vets. All love xxx" Dani Wolf, July 2014

"Ibiza friends please check out my incredible friend Josie's page about the special healing she is offering on the island this summer, she's a truly magical being and from personal experience I can tell you she will make an immediate change in your well being after a single session xxx" Julia Jennings, July 2014

"This special gift can finally be shared. Very proud friend." Jenna Mardon, July 2014

"Very happy to see my most wonderful healing partner bringing her healing to light to help people that are in need! Please like the page to support Josie and her Eleven Healing future! For anybody who is interested she is Ibiza bound at the moment so you can message her." wAFF, July 2014

"On the magical island of ibiza, lives a very special lady.Please visit her and you will experience spiritual enlightenment, happiness and well being!" Adam Diamond, July 2014

"Its hard to put into words how much love I have for this girl. Josie has grown into an Oracle of good vibrations and can't help but help the people around her. She has acted as a solid, grounding influence in my life, so if you need healing, or if you just want to be connected to good energy, support Josie" Tom Rankin, July 2014