Intuitive Energy & Sound Healing Session 

In a session I use a fusion of energy and the healing frequencies of Alchemy Crystal Bowls, Tuning Forks, Light Language, Chimes and Voice to guide you into a place of relaxation, supporting you to open, release and connect deeply within and beyond...

Through the use of energy work with my hands I will address blockages and imbalances and bring your energy into alignment. Bringing your emotional, mental, physical and spiritual aspects into harmony allows your bodies natural healing process to take place. This enables you to let go of anything which may be holding you back from being in your true personal power and opens up the potential for shifts on many levels. 

Release physical and emotional pain - Transmute stagnant or negative energies - Let go of tension, anxiety and stress - Connect within and beyond - Breakthrough patterns - Raise your vibration - Open your heart - Gain clarity and insight - Move forward feeling grounded and centred - Refresh and rebalance


1 HOUR £70

90 MINS £100


"Thank you so much for the most magical healing last night. I can't explain how amazing I felt, light and just beaming with gratitude and joy all the way home. I read up about the language of light and saw that it can also be interpreted as the language of the heart - so apt, I felt like love and light were just washing over me.  Needless to say, I slept like a baby, it was the best rest and I still feel incredible today. You have such a special gift and I so appreciate you sharing it with me. Truly thank you" Danni, September 2017

"I’d wanted to experience Reiki for a while and I was lucky to have found Josie. I had the most wonderful session with her. I didn’t know what to expect and it turned out to be a truly magical experience. I was amazed by the power of her healing which was spot on and it has benefited me not only emotionally but it also resulted in my back pain of a few years completely disappearing. Josie has a true gift and she has made a big difference to my life which I will always be grateful for." Magdalena Bartosiak, April 2017

"Having my reiki healing session with Josie was one of the most powerful experiences I have encountered in my life so far. I'm looking forward to have my next session and also to recommend it to my friends and clients. Thank you Josie" Ana Louisa Rosas, DJ Agent, April 2016

"This week Josie did an hour of distance healing for me.... I will admit to being sceptical about this benefitting me, not understanding how it might! However I slept for a peaceful full 5 1/2 hours from the start of her session.... The most sleep I have had for 10 days as I am suffering with a severe chest infection that has led me to have sustained periods of coughing virtually all night. I cannot recommend distance healing strongly enough - give it a go and feel the amazing results" Mandy Kittlety, Luxury Care, November 2015

Retreat? Event? Ceremony?

If you would like to offer Energy Healing/Sound Healing at your retreat, event or ceremonies then please contact me to discuss!