You will be lovingly held in a nurturing and safe space so you can truly surrender into the experience. Through the use of deep energy work with my hands I will address blockages and imbalances in your physical body and energy body. When we make energetic adjustments within and bring our emotional, mental, physical and spiritual aspects into alignment in this way, it ignites the natural healing process to take place within the body. It is cleansing and purifying on many levels. When we let go of blockages, we create space within which opens up the potential for profound shifts to occur. It is transformative work which can be life changing as the healing continues to unfold out of the session and raises your consciousness. 

Throughout the session when I am guided I will incorporate the powerful frequencies of alchemy crystal bowls, tuning forks, light language, chimes and voice to deepen the experience and guide you into a state of relaxation, supporting you to open, release and connect within in a gentle yet powerful way. 

Release physical and emotional pain - Transmute stagnant or negative energies - Let go of tension, anxiety and stress - Connect to yourself on a deeper level - Breakthrough patterns - Raise your vibration - Open your heart - Gain clarity and insight - Move forward feeling grounded and centred  

WHERE? East London

1 HOUR £85 / 90 MINS £115




Experience the power of sound in a sacred space as you are guided on a healing journey within through the use of alchemy crystal bowls, tuning forks, drums, chimes and light language channelled through my voice. This fusion of potent vibrations will work through you rapidly and concisely to shake out stagnant energies, blocked emotions and trapped thought patterns.

Naturally the sounds will guide you to relax and unwind so that you can truly receive. It is calming and soothing yet powerful on many levels and each time you can experience something different. Each session is adapted intuitively to your needs. I invite healing energy into the space to work through you during the session to deepen the release and experience. Often people feel very 'physical' sensations and shifts happening in the body and energy throughout the session. Intuitive guidance may be shared at the end of the session. 

WHERE? East London

1 HOUR £85 - 90 MINS £115



Do you feel called to experience something nurturing and high vibrational with your partner, lover, friend, family member or colleague? Do you simply feel called to do something to raise your vibration together to experience more joy and connection? Do you feel like there are blockages in your relationship? Whatever your relationship may be and whatever your intention is for the session either individually or together, you can feel safe in the knowledge that you will be held in a non-judgemental and intimate space so that you feel comfortable to fully surrender into the experience.  

Each session will be adapted to your needs. In the session we will discuss your intentions before I guide you on a journey within and beyond through the sounds of alchemy crystal bowls, chimes and drums. I will also channel light language through my voice. My Crystal Tones alchemy singing bowls are made from 99.99% pure crystal quartz and are infused with various precious minerals and crystals such as Amethyst and Selenite. When you are bathed in the pure tones you can literally feel the sounds as well as hear them as the frequencies permeate your entire body and energy.

Sound has the capability to produce profound healing effects as the vibrations ignite the bodies natural healing process to take place through the nervous system, endocrine system and even trapped thought patterns or emotional blockages. Often people experience visions when under the dreamy spell of these crystalline beings because the frequencies stimulate and awaken the third eye. Many people feel physical sensations as the sounds radiate to places of tension or pain and work through any blockages. The bowls are pure crystal consciousness and therefore they connect and interact with each and every one of us individually.

Once the sound journey has come to an end you will stay in your stillness whilst I work on each of you intuitively as I become a vessel for spirit to guide my hands around the physical body and energy body to work through any blockages and deepen the healing process. Through this potent fusion of energy, sound and intention it can ignite real shifts within.

Come and ride the powerful waves of healing and light together. It is to be experienced to be truly understood. 

WHERE? East London / I can also travel to you for an additional cost if you have a suitable space


2 People £120

3 People £150


2 People £170

3 People £240

If you would like a sound healing or energy healing group session for 4 or more people please contact me to discuss further