3.30pm Saturday 12th May – 11.30am Tuesday 15th May 2018

Le Chateau De La Motte, Argentan, France


Upon the energy of the Taurus New Moon a beautiful journey awaits you, guiding you deep into your heart. Join us on this transformative retreat where you will be held in an authentic, compassionate space, gently supported to open, release and expand through self-exploration. Together we will RISE in love, truth and unity.

You will be guided through various healing methods including yoga, cacao, fire ceremonies, sound healing, guided meditation, singing, mantra, movement and energy healing. All of these powerful healing methods have one intention in common – to activate your own source of personal power. Serving as a reminder that all of the wisdom you need is already within you. Sometimes we just need a little guidance.

This is an offering for those who feel called to do something magical for yourself. It will be an intimate retreat with only 10 spaces available. We will be working together through specific intentions to ground, surrender, open our hearts and connect to the fountain of joy and creativity that flows within. Whether you want to connect deeper to your spirit, come together with kindred souls in a community vibe or simply take a break away to do something uplifting and wholesome, you will be sure to leave feeling nurtured on every level of your being - physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually.

The picturesque setting of Le Chateau De La Motte surrounded in abundant nature in the full bloom of Spring creates the divine place to truly let go. Just to be inside of the pale blue gates is to feel as if you are in your own world. Secure and tranquil.

There will be free time in the schedule so that you have space to process and integrate anything which may be coming up for you. You might want to take a row in a boat on the lake to see the ducks, read a book in the hammock, take a walk around the grounds, book in for a one to one session with one of our resident healers or maybe you will feel called to get in your creative flow with art or writing. 

Please note, there are 6 gorgeous resident doggies in the Chateau whom will be sure to make an appearance on the grounds throughout the retreat so please only book a place if you are happy to be around dogs sometimes. They are the most loving, happy beings you will ever meet.

>> FOOD <<

Our resident cook, Chris, will be providing us with healthy, high vibe, vegan food. Think nourishing, family style feasts that will send your taste buds wild. There is something about Chris’s food which makes you feel like you are being nourished in every cell of your body. Chris knows the importance of honouring the physical body with wholesome food after experiencing health issues with his gut 2 years ago. He is super passionate about nutrition and the digestive system and will be on hand to share any food or cooking tips if you want to learn more. Being exposed to food and culture at a young age gave him an interesting insight into the passion and importance of food. Living in Turkey as a child and travelling around a lot with his foodie family inspired him and meant he learnt lots from the locals along the way. Combining his real love for food, culture, nutrition and creative ideas has given Chris his trademark healthy, healing and flavoursome food. 


>> COSTS <<

£450 per soul if sharing double bedroom with a friend/family/lover/stranger

£550 per soul for private double bedroom

£175 deposit is required to secure your place on the retreat please

If you are unable to pay the retreat costs upfront in full then we are more than happy to accept a deposit and arrange a suitable payment plan to make it work for you ♥

Payment Terms: Cancellation must be made at least 21 days prior to retreat otherwise full amount will be charged



Luxury Accommodation situated within beautiful grounds of abundant nature

Return Transfers from Caen Airport to Retreat

6 x Yoga/Breathwork Classes

5 x Guided Meditation/Group Sound Healing Sessions (Alchemy Crystal Bowls, Gong, Tuning Forks, Chimes, Drums, Guitar)

Opening Fire Ceremony with Cacao

Closing New Moon Fire Ceremony with Cacao

Singing & Mantra Circle

The psychic circle of trees feels like it was planted especially for ceremonies! The wise trees will surround us as we sing, chant and drum around the fire!

The psychic circle of trees feels like it was planted especially for ceremonies! The wise trees will surround us as we sing, chant and drum around the fire!


7 double beds available between 2 recently renovated, luxury and cosy gite's full of character and style! Each gite has own kitchen and bathroom!

Montgomery’s Gite

1 x Double with ensuite shower/toilet 

2 x Double Rooms

1 x Quad Room with 1 Double Bed and 1 Small Double Bed

Benjy’s Gite

1 x Double Room

1 x Double Sofa Bed in Lounge Room

>> TRAVEL <<

Nearest Airport – Caen (50 Minutes)

Nearest Ferry Port – Caen (50 Minutes) or Calais (3.5/4 Hours)


FLY BE https://www.flybe.com/

Saturday 12th May – Southend 12.00pm – Caen 2.10pm

Tuesday 15th May  - Caen 2.05pm – Southend 2.05pm

Currently £100 (Return airport transfer from Caen to La Motte included in retreat costs)  

Driving & Ferry

DIRECT FERRIES https://www.directferries.co.uk/

Saturday 12th May – Dover 8.25am – Calais 10.55am

Tuesday 15th May – Calais 3.30pm – Dover 4.00pm

Currently £98 based on a standard car with 2 people


Just bring yourself exactly as you are! All you need to do is get your travel sorted and the rest can magically fall into place!  La Motte is usually warm and sunny in May but we advise you to bring warm clothes just incase, in particular for our opening and closing ceremonies around the fire pit! Think comfy clothes to help you feel as relaxed as possible throughout your stay! 


Josie, Eleven Healing


Josie is an intuitive energy healer working with sound. Energy healing is at the core of her work with the powerful frequencies of alchemy crystal bowls, light language, tuning forks, chimes and voice bringing elements to further support a deep healing process. 

Josie has a warm and soft presence which creates a safe space for shifts to take place. Known for her empathic nature and natural affinity with energy, she guides individuals to release from blockages. She is passionate about spreading awareness of the power of energy healing and supporting others to connect within so that they feel empowered to live life from the heart and in their greatest potential. 

"From the moment I stepped into the gates of my mum and step-dads new home, Le Chateau De La Motte, 4 years ago, I knew instantly I would be holding space for beautiful healing to unfold on the land when I was ready. Now is that time. It is such an honour to birth this sacred retreat in somewhere which holds such a special place in my heart. Every being who is part of this retreat has such integrity in what they do, which I feel is so important and I know this will be felt by all of those who feel called to join us and receive. I am so grateful to bring people together in this gentle yet powerful way. There is a certain magic which happens when people come together with the intention of healing and I cannot wait to witness it." Josie


Carolyn Holmes, Warror Mode Yoga


Carolyn is our resident yoga teacher and is also an Ayurvedic yoga massage therapist. She spent time travelling India, staying in Ashrams and studying yoga before completing her 200 hour teacher training in the Himalayas. She encourages authentic exploration of the self through yoga. Even just to be around Caz is to feel calm and this energy really shines through into her teachings.

"I encourage my students to go deep into their bodies. In each class I ask you to explore what you feel, from the inside. This way, you have a personal experience of your yoga practice. When one student is feeling a deep releasing and surrendering, another may be feeling resistance. Your yoga journey is unique to you. After all, yoga means union with our true self.  Deep healing comes when we tune into our physical body and understand what it needs. We are moving, physical beings - movement is an important and often overlooked medicine.

I’m really excited to explore the theme of NURTURE with you on this retreat.  Physical movement can and should be nurturing for our bodies (our physical, emotional and spiritual bodies) - we will explore just how deeply we can nurture every aspect of ourselves through yoga. This will involve asana (posture) based yoga classes, starting the day by waking up the body with a dynamic vinyasa flow through to a yin or restorative class in the evening. We will also explore various meditations styles, breathing practices and as always spiritual teachings will be entwined in each class. You will be going on a journey of self-exploration, and I’m so excited to guide you along the way, holding space with compassion, wherever the journey takes you.” Carolyn


Layla Kamlani, Omshala Sound


Layla is a musician and sound practitioner who works with her voice as a healing tool. She passionately supports others to access and share their own unique voice through mantra and song.

Layla holds a strong space with such grace. She will be providing an alchemy of sound, mantra and the subtle spirit of cacao, guiding us to expand our hearts and align us to our highest potential. Vocal techniques, meditation and chant are combined, allowing energy to flow and blockages to be released, deepening our connection to all that is.


What is Cacao?
Literally translated as ‘Food of the Gods’ Cacao is one of the most nutritionally dense superfoods and provides many medicinal benefits. It contains more antioxidants than any other food on the planet. It stimulates the production of the neurotransmitters dopamine, serotonin and anandamide (also known as the bliss chemical) leading to feelings of euphoria. It relaxes the muscles and balances the nervous system whilst focusing the mind and activating the heart. Since the ancient civilizations of the Mayans and Aztecs, cacao has been used in rituals and ceremonies as a tool for journeying deep inside of the self, allowing spirit to move through and guide us.

Layla performing at One Love Tribal Gathering Kaxinawa https://youtu.be/RZNX_Lf6944

Shardai Lynn


Shardai is a qualified Kambo practitioner and energy healer. Working in a shamanic way she holds sacred circles, guided by her innate intuition and connection with spirit. She uses drumming, rattle, light language, sacred songs and energy to help activate the natural ability of the mind, body and soul to remember its calling and heal itself. Her extensive experience of holding ceremony space all around Mother Earth has allowed her to understand the importance of group sharing, connection and nurture. She has been a guide for many souls to meet themselves exactly as they are, remembering the courage and vulnerability of their spirit, the love in their heart and the answers that lie within, and always have.

‘I have had the honour to witness through my work that self nurturing is one of the most beautiful ways to move through the flow of life with grace and openness. When I have the privilege of witnessing someone nurturing their soul and remembering who they are, no matter what they are facing, I feel like I am in the hands of angels, the blessing is beyond anything I can put into words. What I have experienced and felt for myself is that our most precious way of being nurtured is through Mother Nature, she holds us relentlessly and lovingly from the day we have our physical manifestation. To have the privilege to be surrounded by nature while we offer ourselves these self nurturing days is our little bit of heaven on earth. Connecting with spirit, the sacred fire, nature, each other, our body’s, our souls, our hearts, our energy systems all in one weekend, is such a gift" Shardai



During the afternoon free time you can book in for one to one sessions with any of our resident healers

Please contact Josie via josie@elevenhealing.com to discuss availability and book your session

**Special Retreat Rates £50 1 Hour / £70 1.5 Hours**

Intuitive Energy & Sound Healing with Josie

Josie shares a fusion of energy healing and sound with her team of alchemy crystal bowls specifically resonating with the endocrine system, tuning forks, light language, chimes and voice to guide you into a place of stillness and receptiveness. Through the use of energy work with her hands she addresses blockages in your physical and energetic bodies, bringing all aspects into alignment, which allows your natural healing process to take place within. This work opens up the potential for shifts on many levels. Each session is individual depending on your needs at the time, meeting you exactly where you are. Experiences during the session can range from very physical sensations, emotional release, feelings of unconditional love, calmness and a deep sense of connection to self and the Universe. 

Ayurvedic Yoga Massage with Caz

Ayurvedic Yoga Massage is a combination of oil massage, deep tissue massage, passive yoga stretching and breath work. The massage begins with an oil massage to warm and soften the muscles. The oil is combined with Calamus root powder to exfoliate, rejuvenate, improve circulation and heat the muscles quickly. Deep tissue massage then begins, to remove knots and release tensions. Once the muscles are relaxed and softened, the body is ready for passive yoga stretching and mobilisations. This improves postural imbalances and releases physical and emotional blockages in the body. Through synchronised breath the body becomes relaxed and open, so that the yoga stretches can become deeper.  This deep rhythmic breathing activates the parasympathetic nervous system and tensions are released. The overall experience is one of a moving meditation. Each session is personal to your body and your needs. 

Sound Healing with Layla

Enter a deep meditative space with the healing vibration of sound. Retune mind, body and spirit to a state of balance and harmony.  Using a combination of the voice, gong, crystal bowls and tuning forks you will be guided on a heart opening journey to find a space of peace, tranquility and connection within.

Shamanic Journey with Shardai

Shardai will be offering private sessions using shamanic drumming and songs alongside energy healing. Focussing on calling the soul into that place of remembering and knowing. Through activating a deep unraveling and revealing our hearts are invited to open, allowing any blocks to melt away for ultimate truth and connection to be felt. Each session will begin with a brief chat to set an intention for the session and this will be part of how it will flow.