Whether you are intending to learn Reiki to heal yourself, others or to deepen your spirituality, it will be sure to meet you exactly where you are at in your life because the energy is divine intelligence. The attunement process itself is one which can be deeply cleansing, enlightening and powerful. Alongside the traditional Usui Reiki teachings, I look forward to sharing some of my own knowledge and experience of Reiki which I have learned along the way over the past 5 years. It is such a blessing to share this sacred knowledge with those who feel called to deepen their connection to Reiki. I will hold a safe, non-judgmental space to offer intimate one to one training over 10 hours in 2 days. I believe this allows enough time and support to integrate the teachings and attunement process.


Level 1 as like an initiation into Reiki. This will be a gentle, nurturing couple of days combining practical and theory. The attunement process will open your own energy channels to connect with Universal Life Force Energy inviting the healing energy to flow through you and your hands for self and others. The purification process that you will go through (especially if you follow the guidelines to honour the attunement) will ignite your own healing process as stagnant energies, blockages and anything which may be holding you back are cleansed.
Learning Reiki is the most beautiful starting point for anyone feeling called to connect with healing energy, deepen spiritual and emotional awareness and generally connect deeper to themselves, others and the Universe. It complements other healing methods or spiritual practices too so if you already use other methods, it will coincide in wonderful ways. It really is a simple yet profound set of tools open to anyone who feels called to learn.

Please note, in order to be a qualified practitioner to treat paying clients you will be required to take Reiki Level 2. I will be launching Level 2 training dates Summer 2018. From my own experience, I feel passionate about people waiting at least 6 months before taking the next level course. I left 1 year in between each level. I did not plan this but it seemed to naturally fall into place this way and it really allowed enough time for all of the lessons and healing which each attunement bought forth to fully integrate and settle into my body and life. We are all so individual though so it is down to your own gut instinct and intuition to feel this out and decide for yourself.
Day 1 - 10.00am-5.30pm
Day 2 - 10.00am-1.30pm
What Is Reiki
The History of Reiki
The Reiki Principles
21 Day Cleansing Process
What Is Energy
The Chakras & Subtle Energy Bodies
Reiki Lineage
Creating Your Sacred Space
UK Reiki Federation Code of Ethics Awareness
Reiki Attunement Ceremony
Self-treatment hand positons
Giving Reiki treatments to people, plants, animals
Guided Reiki Healing Meditation with Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls

Dalston, East London

If you wish to pay via instalments I will require £75 deposit to secure your place please / Please note, If you need to cancel, I require at least 21 days notice in order to refund your deposit
If you wish to discuss a payment plan to pay for the course please let me know as I am more than happy to make it work for you. However, I will require the total course balance at least 3 days prior to the start of your course

Reiki Level 1 Training Course - Training Manual - Level 1 Certificate - Vegan Lunch on Day 1 - Herbal Teas - Reiki Attunement Ceremony with Sound Healing Integration - Ongoing support from myself via Eleven Healing Reiki Training Facebook Network


JUNE // Weds 27th & Thurs 28th

JULY // Thurs 12th & Fri 13th

Please note, it is sometimes possible to do one to one or small group training upon request if you have another date in mind so please contact me to discuss

"I have been having healing sessions with Josie for the last few months and her incredible gift has transformed my life. Throughout her sessions, I can feel her removing blockages I didn't even realise I had & releasing old limiting emotions that I have been carrying around for years. The days following her sessions things seems to just fall into place & move me further forward feeling so much lighter.  Following on from the positive experiences I continue to have with Josie's healing sessions, I felt drawn to go on the 'Reiki Level 1 Training'. What an incredible, transformative two days! Josie puts you so at ease & creates such a calming, tranquil environment to learn. There was also beautiful & lovingly prepared Vegan food throughout! I can not recommend 'Reiki Level 1' enough, to start to understand Reiki on a deeper level and to learn ways to heal yourself in your daily life. Thank-you Josie" Lulu, May 2018

"Level 1 Reiki training with Josie was magical from start to finish. It was an absolute joy honour receiving my attunement from Josie, she made the occasion super special. It was such a pleasure to experience this in this beautiful intimate setting and I feel blessed to have experienced Josie’s healing wisdom. A wonderful teacher and soul sister, thank you" Lowri, May 2018

"Over a year and a half ago after a trip to Colombia I had a real call to explore Reiki healing, asking a friend to put me in touch with someone she could recommend I guess it was no coincidence that I’d previously met Eleven Healing en route to a festival 2 summers before where quite a few events happened that changed my life. On that meeting i didn’t really get to know too much about Josie but i could feel her pure energy strongly, so when my friend sent me Josie as a recommendation my jaw fell to the floor, “I’ve already met her” 
After spending a year and a half seeing Josie for regular healing as she guided me through removing blockages, opening me to things I didn’t even know I was blocking out, helping me to change lifestyle habits, thought patterns and behaviour patterns that no longer served me, as she gave me a space to be totally vulnerable and off load years of bottling up experiences and emotions, and as she helped me to introduce tools to take care of myself better and find healthy ways of releasing vent up energy and feelings, i have now taken my first step into hopefully helping other people to do the same, but to also continue to work with myself to know myself better.
I couldn’t be happier that Josie has been my guide through this, I feel pretty lucky to have learnt with someone who not only has such an incredible gift but also who I already have such a connection with. 21 days of self healing to commence. This new chapter, TBC"
Melody, April 2018


I will be holding intimate monthly Reiki share events in my sacred space for those who learn Reiki Level 1 with me. This gives an opportunity for you to connect with other students where you can give and receive Reiki and discuss anything which may have been coming up for you throughout your process. It will be a beautiful way to build a community vibe with likeminded souls and we can always learn so much from others.