I didn't just wake up one day and decide I wanted to be a healer, I can honestly say that my calling found me and completely turned my life around along the way. I cannot pinpoint exactly when everything began as it happened very naturally as part of a process, however, I was always in touch with spirituality. Even from a very young age I could sense things beyond the physical realm but I shut it all off when things felt too much. I never lost interest though, it was always a part of me so as a young teenager I began to visit tarot readers and mediums. I will never forget coming across an old tarot reading a couple of years ago which I had recorded and written down when I was 15 years old in 2003. In the reading I was told that I had an emotional gift to give to others but I was not ready to work with it just yet. 

I remember being fascinated by the fact I could feel energy between my hands but it was in early 2011 when this new found sense led me on to experience a huge awakening. The more I explored energy with my hands I realised that I could actually tune into the energy of other people. I could feel the entire energy field around a person, sensing change in energy when there were blockages or suppressed emotions. At this time I did not even know what Reiki or Energy Healing was so it was all very new to me. It was a very intense time because I was so unaware of what was actually happening and at the time I was in a toxic lifestyle after just moving to London like everyone else in my friendship group yet suddenly I had this complete spiritual awakening beyond my comprehension and it knocked me side ways. Now I know that it saved my life. It was the start of a very special chapter and I have NEVER looked back. In the early days every time I would sense the energy of others with my hands and let spirit guide me, I would cry tears like I had never felt before once I had finished. It was as if my soul had been yearning to heal others my entire life so the release always felt so deep and full of love. Almost like the feeling of coming home to somewhere you had not been in a very long time.

After a particularly profound experience working with energy on my friend in November 2011 around the 11.11.11 shift, I realised my ability to work with energy was my calling and something that I would continue to grow with in time. I began to search for answers so I contacted healers, mediums and therapists which I had found online and in London. I soon found out that what I had been doing naturally for myself and some friends was almost identical to Reiki. I found out about chakras and subtle energy bodies for the first time too and everything began to click into place. 

Suddenly I had real insight into my path ahead. I booked in for my first ever Reiki session with a Reiki Master in Autumn 2012 to experience receiving healing. I had been through a very difficult year in many ways but the Reiki session was a very enlightening experience and afterwards everything made sense at last. I found out that I was an Empath after years of wondering why I was so highly sensitive and feeling others emotions as if they were my own. At last I had the knowledge and answers I needed to move on in my life with clarity. I had understanding of self like never before. Things were beginning to fall into place.

In December 2012 I came across a palm reader who also happened to be a Reiki Master. He read my hands and told me that I was a healer and that if I did not follow my true path I would be very unhappy. In early 2014 I simply could not ignore the signs any longer. I took my first Reiki training in May 2014 which confirmed everything I had been experiencing leading up to that point and helped me to understand what I had been tapping into on a deeper level. Reiki gave me the grounding and confidence to push forward with my ability. On 7.7.2014 my practise Eleven Healing was born. In April 2016 I qualified as Reiki Master. 

My passion for this work is unmeasurable and everything I do comes from my heart and that will never change. I believe once you have awakened to your true calling and dedicated yourself to it nothing can stand in the way. I am so honoured to be of healing service and I am on a one way mission to continue spreading awareness of this beautiful, powerful and natural medicine! I believe this is our birthright!


▼ Eleven

Number 11 is an angelic number. It is a master number in numerology because it is a double digit so the vibrational frequency of the number is doubled and because number 1 signifies new beginnings and purity, when this is doubled then these attributes double in strength and power.

Number 11 carries a vibrational frequency of balance. It represents masculine and feminine energy equality, it contains both sun and moon energy simultaneously yet holding them both in perfect balance. Through healing your energy system you create balance between your mind, body, spirit and emotions.

It was in 2011 when I had a profound awakening to my healing path and since then I have had recurrences of number 11 or 11:11 guiding me along the way, so this has been a highly significant number in my journey just as I know it has been for many others too.