Eleven Expansion is a series of interviews I hold with various healers, therapists and those who are expanding consciousness in what they do. My aim is to shed light on the self work we can do if we chose to and the experiences we can go through in order to deepen our awareness of ourselves and the Universe.

The souls I am connecting with have been a part of my healing journey and have all made a significant impact on my growth and transformation in some way, so I feel it is my duty to share this information with you. We are all walking this earth together, all from the same consciousness, so I believe it is important that we share our knowledge and experiences, to help each other to expand and grow.

The only way we can heal our beautiful Mother Earth is by looking within to heal ourselves, this really is the key. We have everything we need inside of us but sometimes we can get lost along the way, getting further and further away from our purpose, our truth. If you are ready and willing to step into the fire, to honour the darkness just as much as the light, please know that you don't have to do it alone, there are many beings who are on this earth to assist humanity in this transformational time that we are going through, with the healing work they have come here to do, in whatever form that may be. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or want to talk further about anything discussed.

My brother FleshPrism will be creating artwork for each piece, relating to the message each subject brings.  You can connect with FleshPrism here www.fleshprism.net


Artwork by FleshPrism www.fleshprism.net

Past Life Regression with Paul Williamson

My first connection in Eleven Expansion is with Paul Williamson who has been a Past Life Regression therapist for 28 years. Before I begin I would like to give a special mention to Dr. Michael Newton. A week after I connected with Paul to hold this interview and have a Past Life Regression session, I was typing out our interview when I saw that Dr. Michael Newton had passed over, which is synchronistic considering he was the very reason I first heard about this type of work, which then led me on this journey of discovery to end up finding Paul to experience it for myself. So thank you Dr. Michael Newton for your profound work which helped such a vast amount of people, reading your books unlocked something inside of me and still when I read them now it feels like pure truth, resonating on a soul level. I send you love for your new chapter now whatever that may be.

Have you ever heard the saying that we choose our parents before we come here? Maybe you have met someone and felt an intense connection with them instantly? Have you always believed in reincarnation but wanted to understand more about it? Well Past Life Regression and Life Between Lives therapy can give answers to all of these questions and more. Through the extensive research and work done around this we are so lucky to have so much information available to us which backs up these concepts...and even better that through the likes of Paul and others dedicated to this work we can experience it for ourselves!

It means a lot to me to be able to share this kind of information with others because it has helped me deeply and some of my clients and loved ones, whether they have read books or experienced Past Life Regression therapy first hand, in some cases it has drastically turned lives around to a more positive way of being, so that is something to be shared.

If you are thinking about experiencing a session then my advice would be to leave your expectations at the door because it is never what you expect and just to trust that you have been guided to that moment for a reason.

Through working with Paul I have been able to access and experience many past lives including an overwhelmingly happy life as a crystal healer in Atlantis... a life in 1920's England where I ended up hanging myself on a tree at aged 26 after spending my life looking after my family... a life where I was ignored as a baby and eventually strangled by my own mother in my cot..a life of abuse from teachers in a religious school...a life as a man in Egypt with a camel working as a messenger to the pyramids...and many more and to think there will most likely be thousands more in the depths of my consciousness too! I have been able to go to the spirit world where I have met with my guides and angelic beings, learning just how deeply my affinity with energy work really goes. I try not to attach myself to these experiences too much though, my intention is purely for me to access for further healing and understanding of myself, so that I can continue with more clarity and awareness. 

Its great work to help you see deeper aspects of yourself, getting to the roots of your very being and helping you to feel empowered as it makes you to realise how far you have come and that we are all in this together even if our paths are different. This work can be profound and insightful yet it is also important to mention it does not have to be felt as a big deal if that makes sense..because it is very natural and simple, after all we are all eternal souls and many of us have been here time and time again so of course during a session when we experience ourselves in this way it feels very authentic and familiar because it is inside each and every one of us already. So the session itself is just allowing us to access it in a safe space basically. It is very beautiful how you can go to difficult past lives to heal pains and traumas which may still be effecting you in this life now which you may not even have been aware of. It is great work to do for the ego too. An example is that someone may be racist in this life but how would they feel if they accessed a past life where they were in fact that very race themselves?! It is a great tool to help people broaden their perceptions in every day life and to open their minds to become more in touch with the heart, to see the world through a more wholesome perception. Click below to read an in depth chat with Paul Williamson all about his wonderful work and beyond......