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Rebirth: Awakening Through Yin Yoga & Sound Healing

  • Light Centre Moorgate 114 London Wall London, England, EC2M 5QA United Kingdom (map)

As the power of Spring surges through nature, we too feel it's force. Just as nature goes through a cycle of rebirth, renewal and awakening, we rise up from our restful winter habits and tendencies with a renewed sense of energy. This is the time to plant seeds, make plans for the future and ground our visions into reality. For our dreams to blossom, we must be both stable and flexible, like a tree which has roots firmly in Mother Earth yet flexible enough to dance with the flow of the wind. 


An opening meditation will lead us into a place of stillness and calm. We will be guided to each plant a seed, setting an intention of something which we would like to bear the fruit of later in the year. 

Carolyn will lead a yin yoga practice to enhance the flow of chi (energy) through the liver and gallbladder meridians - in Chinese medicine this meridian is associated with the season Spring and the element Wood. Healthy liver and gallbladder chi is related to a capacity to make plans and put them into action. In yin we are supported by props or the ground, so that we can release into long holds of up to 5 minutes. During that time Carolyn will share inspiring poem and insights about the benefits of the pose and it's energetic and physiological importance. 

Throughout the evening Josie will share the healing sounds of her alchemy crystal singing bowls with the intention to take you into a place of deep surrender.

After the opening yet grounding yin practice, you will be led into relaxation where you can simply lie back to receive the healing sounds, allowing the vibrations to take you on a journey within and beyond. The bowls are made from 99.992% pure crystal quartz and are infused with various precious gemstones and minerals including Platinum which stimulates the Divine Feminine, aligning the intuitive emotional body and Amethyst which supports the expansion of the crown chakra, creating a temple of grace in any setting. 

The beautiful frequencies will wash through your entire being as they work through your chakras, organs, energy and cells to shake out any old stagnant emotions and energies which no longer serve you and in turn fill you with pure LIGHT. You can experience a deeper state of consciousness as the sounds enable you to transcend the mind to connect to your own heart wisdom within. A truly nurturing experience which stimulates peace on all levels - physical, emotional, spiritual, mental. It is to be experienced to be truly understood. 


CAROLYN is a yoga teacher and ayurvedic yoga massage therapist, based in Tring. She teaches at Tring Yoga Studio and Mind & Body Berkhamsted. Her teaching encourages you to explore how the asana (posture) feels to you, from the inside. This way you have a personal experience of the yoga practice. After all, yoga means union with our true self. Deep healing comes when we tune into our physical body and understand what it needs.

JOSIE is an intuitive energy healer working with sound through the healing frequencies of alchemy crystal singing bowls, tuning forks, chimes, drums and voice. Known for her compassionate nature and natural affinity with energy, she guides individuals to release from emotional, physical, spiritual and mental blockages through energy work and sound. She is passionate about spreading awareness of the power of energy healing and sound therapy as she knows first hand how transformational these divine tools can be to create positive shifts in our health, wellbeing and life. Her practice Eleven Healing is based in East London and she shares sound healing and meditation at Re:Mind Studio in Victoria.


£25 // Please contact Josie via to book your ticket


Just your lovely self as we will provide yoga mats, blankets, bolsters and blocks.  Please ensure you bring something warm to put on for the sound healing journey though as its best to be cosy so you can deeply relax.


“Absolute peace & positivity. Loved it & so looking forward to the next one. Namaste. Thank you” Zeno, Feb 2018

“It was seriously beautiful - the meditation, the poem, the yoga, the crystal bowls, the healing, the queen of all shavasnas…I left feeling inspired, relaxed, utterly grounded and connected. Thank you Carolyn and Josie.” L, Feb 2018

Eleven Healing Alchemy Crystal Bowls 

Eleven Healing Alchemy Crystal Bowls