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Sound Healing // Penthouse Suite, The Mandrake Hotel

  • The Mandrake Hotel 20-21 Newman Street London, England, W1T 1PG United Kingdom (map)

What better way to start the week than with a beautiful evening Crystal Bowl Meditation session?

We welcome Josie (of Eleven Healing) for one of her very special sessions. We ask you to bring what no longer serves you to release it with this transformative sound healing.

Sound Healing is a form of Vibrational Medicine. Vibrational sound healing can be traced back from present-day trends to many ancient civilisations. The human body and the entire earth are made up of energy, vibrating at different frequencies. When out of rhythm, dis-ease and disharmony result. Vibrational sound healing can work with these imbalances or blockages of the energy channels to help restore balance and ease within the body again.

The 99.992% quartz Crystal Singing Bowls produce powerful tones that resonate deep within the body. The sound touches our bodies on a molecular and crystalline level.

'On Monday evening I shared a sound healing journey with a group of lovely souls In the dreamy penthouse suite at The Mandrake! When we come together with others to create a sacred space through sound, energy and intention, we open up the potential for deep shifts to take place within. When we are bathed in the powerful crystal frequencies and healing energies we can drift into higher states of consciousness where we can have visions, receive insights and truly experience reconnection to ourselves on a deeper level. Often people have physical sensations in the body as blockages and areas of disharmony are cleared and purified. My intention for every offering is to hold space for others with love to ignite deep shifts in mind, body and spirit and I believe my team of instruments are the perfect tools to ignite this process. In any practice each instrument and healing tool that we use becomes an extension of our intention in the space. A divine vessel of healing light. Such an honour to hold space for others in this way. I shared a soothing soundscape using alchemy crystal bowls, melodic instruments and light language channeled through my voice and hands

Advanced booking is compulsory for this session.

The Mandrake Hotel, London