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Return to fullness: A celebration of light and dark within (Sound Journey)

  • Core Clapton 161 Northwold Road London, E5 8RL UK (map)

Join Josie, Eleven Healing and Eddy, Street Spirituality for a beautiful 2 hour sound and meditation journey to celebrate both the light and the dark within us.

As human’s we are not just one or the other. The constant striving to move towards the more positive sensations in life can often leave the wounded parts of us feeling diminished. This can in turn force them to amplify in order to be noticed. Through sound and healing, we will help you to bring all of the parts of you - the beautiful imperfect spectrum of your humanity - together, so that it can begin to be fully integrated.

Eddy will lead you on a journey to connect with the shadow. A guided meditation will be followed by Shamanic drumming that is designed to drop you into a space of connectivity with a part of you that wants your attention. This can often play out in our lives as destructive habits, addictions and negative thoughts. 

After making contact with them, we will sit together with these parts of ourselves - listening to them with unconditional acceptance. 

Once the shadow has become illuminated, and the dark brought gently and safely in to the light. Josie will guide you on a multidimensional sound journey to cleanse your energy, and return you in your fullness to love. You will receive the calming yet powerful sounds of her alchemy crystal singing bowls, quartz crystal pyramid, chimes, tuning forks and melodic instruments. Josie will channel light language throughout the journey, bringing ancient codes and healing energies through her voice and hands. The heavenly vibrations will permeate through your entire being, releasing tensions, raising your vibration and creating shifts in mind, body and spirit. 

This is a chance to move into fullness without judgement for your past actions, present beliefs or habits. We are all in this together. We are all doing our best. Such is the wonderful paradox of life that with full acceptance, patterns that we have sought to cut off from us, finally begin to drop away.

Blessed be

Josie and Eddy


Eddy Elsey 

Eddy is a Shamanic Practitioner from London and founder of Street Spirituality. Through his understanding and deep knowledge of Shamanic practices and how they can be integrated into the modern world, he believes that it is a merging of the Ancient and the new that will now help society push forward into greater awareness of the self. Also trained in Yoga, Tantra and Reiki, Eddy brings the elements of calm and love from these practices into the more tribal tradition of Shamanism. Through the use of Shamanic techniques, we can form direct relationships with our own spiritual allies and aspects of ourselves that can guide us to a higher consciousness. It is through the tried and tested, millennia old, use of Shamanic practice that we can begin to heal that which we have been told we cannot. Eddy also runs Men’s Groups throughout London, focussing on remembering the beautiful and potent traits of Masculinity through ritual, conversation and community.

 Josie, Eleven Healing

 Josie is an intuitive energy healer working with sound through her team of instruments and light language channeled through her voice. Known for her compassionate nature and natural affinity with energy, she holds an authentic and safe space for positive shifts to unfold on many levels through the use of deep energy work with her hands and sound. She guides others with love to release from emotional, physical, spiritual and mental blockages which creates deep shifts and transformation unfolding far beyond the session.

Josie had an intense awakening to her healing abilities in 2011 which led her on a path of self-discovery and profound transformation as she followed her true calling. She launched her practice ‘Eleven Healing’ 5 years ago in 2014 and has devoted her life to be in healing service to divine and therefore humanity ever since. Her offerings have recently been featured in British Vogue, i-D and Tatler. Her intention is to continue spreading awareness of the power of energy healing because she passioniately believes it is a powerful catalyst for growth and awakening and it is here to be shared to help raise the consciousness of humanity.