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Womb Awakening Sisterhood Sunday: Cacao, Movement, Energy & Sound // Leeds

Sunday 6th October 2019


ookushana, Chapel Allerton, Leeds

The womb, possibly the least talked about organ, yet one of the most powerful. One which bridges heaven and earth, spirit and matter. One which connects us to our wisdom, passion and pleasure. It is our power centre. The seat of our intuition. The garden of our creativity. It is divine. It is sacred. Not only does this sacred space within us have the ability to birth new life but this magical portal can create and birth our dreams and manifestations into reality.

As women, we can carry pain, ancestral trauma, conditioning, fear, shame and guilt within our womb space for many years or even lifetimes. These blockages sit within us, suppressing our natural energy flow, our true feminine nature, our innocence, our freedom to be ourselves and shine our light out into the world. These energetic blocks can also manifest into physical pains, symptoms and ailments within the womb space.

Many ancient traditions understood and honoured the creative power that lies within the womb, yet it seems we have become disconnected from that knowledge. Today, we rarely pay much attention to our womb other than when we experience pain, physical issues or until we come to need it. This is through no fault of our own but simply a lack of education of knowledge which has slowly dissipated through generations. However, we are being called to remember the ancient wisdom that lies within our very own body, our temple. The womb holds the key to activate and reawaken us to our deep feminine power.

Join Josie (Eleven Healing) and Felicity (ookushana) for this empowering and nurturing healing journey to reawaken and purify your womb space using an abundance of gentle yet powerful healing modalities. When we bring love and healing to our womb space we can release feelings of disconnect and shame and reignite our limitless fountain of joy, pleasure and creativity that lies within.

We invite you to join us on this heart opening journey to reconnect to your womb, to the womb of the Divine Mother, from whom all life is created. The shifts will flow out into all areas your life.

“Every woman who heals herself helps heal all the women who came before and all those who come after her” Christiane Northrup


Josie and Felicity unite with love to offer this immersive 6 hour healing ceremony where you will be held in a safe space to connect with the subtle energy of your womb. We will open with a lovingly held cacao ceremony and sharing circle where you will have the opportunity to express your intentions, your truth. As the ceremonial cacao elixir is working through your system you will be guided through breath, mudras and affirmations to align with our intentions and ignite healing within. Cacao is a powerful plant medicine with the potential to assist in deep emotional releases and open the heart. Consuming this elixir naturally produces serotonin, dopamine and anandamide which are the bliss molecules that make us feel high.

Felicity will guide you through Divine Feminine Flow movement, where we will seek to connect with our divine feminine nature, our creativity and our sensuality through an intuitive, intentional flow and embodied movement. Rather than holding poses or moving through them quickly, we will move within them, through them, letting them flow through us, feeding us and letting our intuition be our primary guide. Moving with absolute fluidity. Exploring our bodies, our needs and our desires. Surrendering to the Goddess within. This is an all-encompassing flow fueled with beautifully evocative music and sacred sound, flowered with history and philosophy and supercharged with sisterhood. Our aim, to connect with and ignite our divine feminine.

Once the movement has come to an end you will be encouraged to lie down and get comfortable as Josie guides you on a dreamy sound journey. You will receive the calming yet powerful sounds of her alchemy crystal singing bowls, chimes, drums, melodic instruments and tuning forks. The heavenly vibrations will permeate through your entire being, releasing tensions, raising your vibration and creating shifts in mind, body, spirit. Naturally the sounds guide you into a deeply relaxed state where you can drift into higher states of consciousness, experiencing visions or insights. Josie will channel light language throughout the journey, bringing healing energies through her voice to create shifts and awakening within. It is to be experienced to be truly understood.

After the sound journey has come to an end you will have time to process the experience, listening to beautiful music whilst Josie and Felicity channel energy healing to everyone individually to cleanse, purify and activate your womb space. The ceremony will close with an aura cleanse.

We will enjoy incredibly yummy and nourishing adaptogenic drinks and divine treats from Nature's Antiodote to seal the experience and ground us back into the physical with care and love.


Nourishing vegan and refined sugar free herbal tonics supplied.

Heart Chakra - This herbal blend contains herbs, roots and adaptogens that are said to have heart opening properties or are in any way related to the Heart Chakra. Relaxing, destressing and thus promoting longevity while also enhancing digestion, improving metabolism, counteracting inflammation and supplying the body with valuable minerals.

Ingredients: Red Rose, Beetroot, Reishi Extract, Lavender, Ginger, Cinnamon, Turmeric, Black Pepper Extract, Thyme



Please note, there are limited spaces with only 14 available so advanced booking is essential if this calls you as it books up fast!

If you would like to pay in 2 instalments please contact Felicity at to arrange directly :)


Naturally, this offering is for women but you may also feel particularly drawn to this if you are experiencing or have experienced disconnection to your body, sexuality and/or life, fertility issues, irregular menstrual cycle or intense menstrual pain, sexual abuse, miscarriage, abortion, childbirth trauma, any physical imbalances in the womb such as polycystic ovary syndrome, pelvic inflammatory disease, fibroids, endometriosis or HPV and also any digestive problems such as IBS.

Womb healing is suitable for ALL women whether you have a physical womb or not. We hold the energetic blueprint of the womb within us so the energy can always be connected with in the same way. Womb healing can be extremely helpful if you are coming to terms with the loss of your womb, no matter how long ago it may have been. Even when we no longer have a monthly cycle our body always connects with the cycles of nature.