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Womb Awakening: Immersive Healing Journey Through Sound, Energy & Cacao

  • Re:Mind Studio 5A Eccleston Place London, England, SW1W 9TR United Kingdom (map)
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Friday 26th October
Re:Mind Studio, Victoria, London

The womb, possibly the least talked about organ yet one of the most powerful. One which connects us to wisdom, empowerment and passion. It is our power centre. The seat of our intuition. The garden of our creativity. It is Divine. It is Sacred. 

Many of us may not have paid much attention to our womb space other than during our menstrual cycles but this sacred organ holds some of the most potent energy which we can connect with to heal and ignite our Divine Feminine. 

Join Josie and Felicity for this nurturing womb blessing. A purification and awakening of your sacral energy centre using an abundance of gentle yet powerful healing modalities. When we bring balance and healing to our womb space we can release feelings of disconnect and shame and reconnect with our own limitless fountain of joy, pleasure and creativity. It is truly transformational and we will be cultivating the Full Moon energy to amplify our intentions.

“Every woman who heals herself helps heal all the women who came before and all those who come after her” – Christiane Northrup


Josie, Eleven Healing and Felicity, ookushana unite with love to offer this immersive 3.5 hour healing ceremony where you will be held in a safe space to gently explore the subtle energy of your womb. 

The ceremony will open with a lovingly held listening circle where you will have the opportunity to express your intentions. Felicity will guide you through pranayama, mudras and affirmations accompanied by a potent ceremonial cacao elixir to ignite love and harmony within. Cacao is a powerful plant medicine with the potential to assist in deep emotional release and open the heart. Consuming this elixir naturally produces serotonin, dopamine and anandamide which are the bliss molecules that make us feel high. 

Josie will guide you through a meditation and sound journey with alchemy crystal bowls, chimes, drums and light language channeled through her voice. When you are bathed in the pure crystal tones you can feel the sounds permeating your entire system as the frequencies work through physical tensions, emotional blockages and trapped thought patterns. You will be guided into a dreamy and relaxed state where you can access higher states of consciousness. It is to be experienced to be truly understood. 

After the sound journey has come to an end you will have time to process the experience in your stillness whilst Josie and Felicity channel energy healing to everyone individually. They will work on purifying and activating your sacral chakra before closing the ceremony with an aura cleanse. 

Surrender has never been easier in our womb like supportive space, surrounded by only candlelight and sisters. We cannot wait to share with you if you feel called to reconnect to yourself and other sisters in this way. The shifts will flow out into all areas of your life. Together we will RISE sisters. The time to heal Divine Feminine is now.


Naturally, this is an event for women. You may feel particularly drawn to this ceremony if you are experiencing or have experienced lack of libido, disconnection to your sexuality, creative blocks, fertility issues, irregular menstrual cycle, intense menstrual pain, sexual abuse, miscarriage, abortion, trauma during child birth, physical imbalances such as polycystic ovary syndrome, pelvic inflammatory disease, fibroids, endometriosis, digestive problems such as IBS. 


Dress in comfortable clothing as you will be lying down for most of the evening. Bring any crystals with you if you would like to add to the altar or keep close to you.



“The evening was pretty life changing for me and part of something much bigger. Connecting with a group of beautiful like minded souls was incredible. Every female should do something like this.” Emily, September 2018

"Last night was amazing. I've tried to put into words how totally humbled by the strength and power of the women in that room last night. Josie and Felicity held the space so beautifully and it was really an evening of opening, surrendering, receiving and letting go. I felt truly nurtured and held. I was blown away by what can happen when a group of individuals come together to share and be vulnerable. Truly grateful for the experience that was last night." Melody, September 2018

"I was one of the attendees at the event last night. I just wanted to say thank you for such an amazing experience. I have never done any sound healing or energy work before and I was overwhelmed by how incredible, transformative and powerful it was. Today I am feeling very light and tingly (in a good way). I also had a lot of tightness in my hips and inner hamstrings which has disappeared, which is something I couldn't achieve even with lots of yoga and stretching. I have been able to feel 'energy' in my body for a while now, but never really thought much of it until last night when I felt it on a whole new level." Jessica, July 2018

"Such a beautiful event, I still feel connected to the energy we created there. Safe and held are definitely the words to describe such a gentle yet intense event. Still working through the energy shifts even now. Thank you" Sian, July 2018

"Still feeling the love. So powerful." Laura, July 2018