△Transformation △

I am sending love and healing vibes to everyone during this deeply transformational time. Collectively we are going through huge transitions right now. Self-realisations have been coming to the surface for many which triggers profound change as it is coming from such a real place within. It's like we can no longer hide from who we truly are and whatever it takes to strip us back to our core is happening in one way or another. Although this may prove testing it is for our greater good. We are living in pinnacle times where we are awakening at rapid speed. The veils between dimensions feel so thin. Our collective consciousness is rising which means huge shifts are taking place in each and every one of us whether we are consciously aware of this or not. These shifts take place in the form of feeling compelled to take a leap of faith towards your true destiny, breaking away from toxic relationships or jobs or letting go of old wounds from the past once and for all. Ultimately this feels like a path to greater freedom where your inner being can express itself through you more freely. You just have to take the step in the right direction and the rest will follow. 

I have been in service more than ever before the past few months and it has been truly beautiful to work with so many courageous souls. For those who I have worked with I just want to say it really is such an honour to work with you, so thank you from the depths of my heart for aligning with me and taking the brave step to go within and heal.

Personally so much has happened in the past few months and it felt relentless, I have been lost for words at times, pushing me to completely surrender in each moment. It has felt like a rite of passage, deeply enlightening, there have been so many elements to it that I am yet to verbalise as a whole yet. This present stillness is very welcome and it feels good to have the space to connect with you through writing again. As a healer I am working with other people and channelling Universal energy daily, so I feel very in touch with what is going on in collective consciousness and right now I have been blown away by the level of transformations happening.

In February and March I witnessed healing crises taking place within my practise more than ever before. I will write about the process of a healing crises in detail soon but in short it is where all of the dense, negative emotions and energies which have been harbouring inside of someone for some time are released during a healing session and have to come up to the surface afterwards in the form of old ailments or flu like symptoms in order to release. They are such heavy energies that they literally come out of the physical body. When it happens it is a sure sign that huge releases are taking place and by the time the process has done its thing, which is different for everyone depending on what is needed, a sense of deep calm is felt within the entire being. It's like a very expansive cleanse of the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies which usually results in a feeling of rebirth.

This period of rebirth has been happening on a huge scale Universally too. I noticed many people naturally shedding skins and setting forth on a new path more aligned to their true selves. Old patterns or wounds must be shed to allow for higher vibrations to come in. The way I can describe the past few months from my own experience is feeling like I have been reborn into my true self. Like everything led to this point. My spirit feeling more present than it has ever been. I have a feeling many can relate to this right now? A rebirth is an essential part of our growth because we must connect to our core in order to live in our true authentic power. It usually involves being taken to some very dark places in order to breakthrough into the light. To really recognise the sheer beauty of the light within ourselves, we must first go into the darkest corners. Of course our learnings are never ending. Life is literally a medicine in itself and if we look at it like that we are constantly learning, growing, transforming. So if you have been experiencing this too, give yourself a huge cuddle! Good work Earth Warriors! As we raise our vibration so does the Universe! I can honestly say one of the biggest things that supports me through life is my trust in the Universe. Knowing that even the toughest times are for your greater good helps keep a sense of inner peace within.

When Spring came along in April I noticed a huge change in energy. People suddenly felt lighter, clearer and more in tune with themselves and others. No matter what we think, we are at one with the Universe and so it is no surprise that we are effected by the wild planetary changes that have been taking place and by the seasons changing on Earth. As Spring comes along we blossom too. As the days get brighter and longer, we open ourselves up to new potential and welcome the new and brighter chapter into our lives along with new possibilities. 

As always in times like this just remember to keep your vibration high and stay true to yourself by listening to your own needs and honouring your beautiful heart as much as possible. The deeper you can love yourself, the deeper the Universe can affirm your worth.