Balanced Being ♡ Balanced Body

The connection between our emotions and our physical body is insanely intimate. Once you understand this relationship you become more in tune with your entire being and see just how deeply the link runs. This awareness will keep you in check with your overall health, ensuring you can stay as balanced as possible by respecting and knowing yourself on a whole new level. 

Many people automatically choose to take pain killers when they begin to feel pain in the body rather than actually honouring why the pain is there in the first place. That's what most are bought up to do in the Western world, making the mind and body seem like separate things. You can take a tablet to mask the pain but does that cure it? Of course there is a huge place for Western medicine in the world and for some people it is a necessity, but many are waking up to the vast alternative healing methods available which can get to the emotional root so the physical issue subsides naturally. You have probably noticed mindfulness has become renowned in recent years which is so important because it brings the knowledge forward of how vital a healthy mind is for overall health. 

Even the word ‘disease’ tells us there is ‘dis-ease’ in the body where it is out of balance. Put simply, every single thing in the Universe is made up of vibrations. Energy is at the centre of all matter, the human body included. Every cell in our body is radiating its own frequency. Our subtle energy bodies are basically a template of our physical body, meaning our emotional health can manifest into the physical. 

Within our energy bodies are Chakras which are like channels located on specific points of the body through which energy can flow in and out. There are 7 main Chakras which are all associated with a different set of organs, functions and systems corresponding with each location. They represent our emotions and consciousness as well as our physical body. Whether aware of it or not, everyone experiences the mind body connection during everyday life. When you are feeling emotional and you stop yourself from crying you will be aware of the huge lump feeling in your throat, this is your Throat Chakra. When you feel anxious and you rush to the toilet because your stomach feels like its in knots, this is the Solar Plexus which is located in the navel area linking with the digestive system and central nervous system. When you go through a difficult break up and your heart feels broken which comes with sadness, pain and grief, this is the Heart Chakra. If these emotional imbalances build up without being released then it can cause a symptom on the physical level. The physical symptom is basically communicating with you through your own body via your consciousness. So the ideal is to address any emotional blockages before they are able to manifest physically. 

There is so much research out there to confirm the powerful effect our intentions and thoughts have on our energy and the world around us. Dr Masaru Emoto is well known for his experiments testing the effect thoughts and emotions have on water molecules. He proved how the structure of water is effected differently by positive and negative thoughts. His photographic evidence of the experiments showed how the water structure changed by even a slight change of intention so when positive words were spoken the water structures formed beautiful, symmetrical patterns but when negative words were spoken the water structures formed dense and dark shapes. The human body is made up of around 70% water so taking this into consideration you can imagine how influenced we are by our own thoughts and the environment around us. 

Even the placebo effect reminds us how powerful our beliefs can be on our own physical body. To this day placebos are still successfully used in the medical world which goes to show how widely recognised it can be that our beliefs alone can effect us and even heal us in some cases. I will never forget hearing a story from my friends mum who told me all about one of her teenage daughters birthday parties. She had agreed to let her daughter drink alcohol at the party. She watched as the whole room of teenagers fell about on top of each other and fell into things, slurring their words. However she didn’t worry because little did they know that there was actually 0 alcohol in the drinks at all, it was completely fake. The sheer fact that they had believed they were drinking alcohol made them react in that way as if they were drinking it. 

I have experienced first hand many times during my life how thoughts effect my physical body. One time I had been feeling pain under my right rib cage. The pain was there constantly like a dull ache but at times it was extremely intense and when I done energy work on myself to feel what was going on, I could actually feel a huge disturbance in my energy in that area. It was as if there was a hole in my energy field and I could feel dense energy pouring out but no matter how much work I done on the area it only temporarily lessened it rather than cured it, I felt like I wanted to get my hands deep inside of my body but it was as if it had been building up for years to this point from a very deep place, too far in to reach. I was suffering with very low self-esteem and thoughts of self-loathe, the thoughts were on constant loop and I had got used to them playing around in my mind all the time. The missing link was right there. The low vibrational emotions and feelings about myself had manifested physically as if to scream and shout at me until I listened. The dense area in my energy formed to funnel the toxic energy out of me because on a subconscious level I knew these thoughts did not serve my soul, I had simply got used to the thought patterns and let them become part of me. 

Once I addressed the emotional issue at the core and made positive changes enabling me to shift the thought patterns and come into a place of self-acceptance, which happened over a long period of transformation, the disturbance in my energy vanished and therefore the physical pain went and has not come back since. The reason I had pains under my right rib cage around my lung is because it linked to my Heart Chakra which covers this area. I opened my heart to heal others yet I did not give myself the same loving and kind thoughts causing imbalance in my heart energy. By raising my own vibration, opening my heart to myself for what felt like the first time in my life, I was able to heal. In my case it was essential that I changed my way of being in order for the blockage to reverse because recognising it alone would not have been enough, I had to go through a transition and luckily I listened to the physical signs before they could manifest into anything more serious. Had I not been so aware of energy myself, I would have struggled to rid myself of the pain and probably spent tons of time and money on various physical work which would have only eased the pain temporarily. 

One of my friends had a bad infection in one of her fingers. It lasted for months on end and no medication seemed to shift it. Only when she delved into her own emotional and spiritual healing did the answer finally come. The moment she fully committed to her true path to be a healer the infection went and has never come back. The finger which was infected was her engagement finger on her left hand which correlates to the Third Eye Chakra. She was not seeing her own path with clarity, choosing to ignore the signs until she was pushed to accept her true spiritual path by the Universe. 


Our body is our friend so we must treat it like one rather than treating it like a vessel or machine for us to use. It well tell us when something is not right, it talks to us in its own language. It is very intelligent, all you need to do is listen and honour the cues. 

Through working with energy so closely I see examples of the connection between our mind, emotions and physical body all the time. I meet people who have suffered with back and shoulder pains for many years which no massage or body work has been able to shake yet they can walk out pain free after even just a single energy healing session. Why? Because the emotional blockage is acknowledged rather than just easing the physical level. Some people who experience recurring pains may not be ready to make the life changes needed to bring them into positive emotional health yet so the pain relief will only be temporary. For instance someone may be experiencing consistent pain in their shoulders and neck area which links to the Throat Chakra. The Throat Chakra energies are not aligned when we are not honouring our own truth or expressing ourselves honestly. So if someone is in a job which makes them feel unsatisfied but they do not feel ready to make the move yet, the Throat Chakra will be in a state of disharmony which is when the ailments in this area can occur. The Throat Chakra literally holds the power of choice within our life, if we make a choice based on our hearts desires we are opening the energy and allowing it to flow freely but if we ignore it and put off taking action even though we recognise we must make a change, then we are choosing to stay stuck instead of trusting in ourselves and Divine. All kinds of physical problems can occur if we live with blockages in our Throat Chakra including thyroid problems, sore throat and addiction. 

You could literally live the healthiest lifestyle on the highest vibrational diet, drinking the purest water but in a total paradox still be filling your body with unhealthy toxicity through your very own thoughts. Negative thoughts and emotions are poison to the body. Become conscious of your thoughts and feelings and if they are on a negative loop then transform them. Direct them to come from your heart instead, a place of empathy and love. Healing demands action on all levels of your being. Change can be feared but can be so rewarding once you are ready to take a leap. Just remember how connected your inner being is to your outer being. Support your physical body with wholesome and nutrient rich foods, healthy sleep patterns, regular exercise and movement. Support your energy body by meditating, spiritual practise, forgiveness, letting go of the past, expressing yourself through creativity and honouring your true path. 

So next time you feel a nagging pain or ailment in your body, maybe it is time for you to look a little deeper? Luckily we are living in a very transformational time right now, where alternative healing methods are becoming more and more widely accepted. You will be drawn to whatever healing method is right for you at the right time and at times it is all part of a process where you will need to go through your own self-work alongside it too. Instead of holding onto your wounds, look into them and shed them. 

Energy Healing, Reiki, Yoga, Acupuncture, Meditation, Sound Healing and Reflexology are just some of the ways in which you can balance your energy and calm the mind. For instance during a typical Energy Healing session I will assess the energy flow in the Chakras to see where there may be imbalances then I work intuitively through the entire energy field and physical body on front and back with my hands to align the Chakras and release any blockages using various energy and sound techniques, which means by the end of the session mind, body and spirit has gone into a harmonious state where energies are flowing and the bodies natural healing process can take place. The blockages are discussed at the end of the session to bring awareness to any areas of being that may need to be addressed to ensure long lasting results take place. The process is all about you getting in touch with your self on a deeper level and in touch with your own power which happens naturally when blocks are removed.

Creating, dancing, singing and doing whatever brings your heart pure happyness are all ways in which you can allow life force to flow freely through you n your every day life. As you walk down your path you will find your own medicine in many different forms.

△Transformation △

I am sending love and healing vibes to everyone during this deeply transformational time. Collectively we are going through huge transitions right now. Self-realisations have been coming to the surface for many which triggers profound change as it is coming from such a real place within. It's like we can no longer hide from who we truly are and whatever it takes to strip us back to our core is happening in one way or another. Although this may prove testing it is for our greater good. We are living in pinnacle times where we are awakening at rapid speed. The veils between dimensions feel so thin. Our collective consciousness is rising which means huge shifts are taking place in each and every one of us whether we are consciously aware of this or not. These shifts take place in the form of feeling compelled to take a leap of faith towards your true destiny, breaking away from toxic relationships or jobs or letting go of old wounds from the past once and for all. Ultimately this feels like a path to greater freedom where your inner being can express itself through you more freely. You just have to take the step in the right direction and the rest will follow. 

I have been in service more than ever before the past few months and it has been truly beautiful to work with so many courageous souls. For those who I have worked with I just want to say it really is such an honour to work with you, so thank you from the depths of my heart for aligning with me and taking the brave step to go within and heal.

Personally so much has happened in the past few months and it felt relentless, I have been lost for words at times, pushing me to completely surrender in each moment. It has felt like a rite of passage, deeply enlightening, there have been so many elements to it that I am yet to verbalise as a whole yet. This present stillness is very welcome and it feels good to have the space to connect with you through writing again. As a healer I am working with other people and channelling Universal energy daily, so I feel very in touch with what is going on in collective consciousness and right now I have been blown away by the level of transformations happening.

In February and March I witnessed healing crises taking place within my practise more than ever before. I will write about the process of a healing crises in detail soon but in short it is where all of the dense, negative emotions and energies which have been harbouring inside of someone for some time are released during a healing session and have to come up to the surface afterwards in the form of old ailments or flu like symptoms in order to release. They are such heavy energies that they literally come out of the physical body. When it happens it is a sure sign that huge releases are taking place and by the time the process has done its thing, which is different for everyone depending on what is needed, a sense of deep calm is felt within the entire being. It's like a very expansive cleanse of the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies which usually results in a feeling of rebirth.

This period of rebirth has been happening on a huge scale Universally too. I noticed many people naturally shedding skins and setting forth on a new path more aligned to their true selves. Old patterns or wounds must be shed to allow for higher vibrations to come in. The way I can describe the past few months from my own experience is feeling like I have been reborn into my true self. Like everything led to this point. My spirit feeling more present than it has ever been. I have a feeling many can relate to this right now? A rebirth is an essential part of our growth because we must connect to our core in order to live in our true authentic power. It usually involves being taken to some very dark places in order to breakthrough into the light. To really recognise the sheer beauty of the light within ourselves, we must first go into the darkest corners. Of course our learnings are never ending. Life is literally a medicine in itself and if we look at it like that we are constantly learning, growing, transforming. So if you have been experiencing this too, give yourself a huge cuddle! Good work Earth Warriors! As we raise our vibration so does the Universe! I can honestly say one of the biggest things that supports me through life is my trust in the Universe. Knowing that even the toughest times are for your greater good helps keep a sense of inner peace within.

When Spring came along in April I noticed a huge change in energy. People suddenly felt lighter, clearer and more in tune with themselves and others. No matter what we think, we are at one with the Universe and so it is no surprise that we are effected by the wild planetary changes that have been taking place and by the seasons changing on Earth. As Spring comes along we blossom too. As the days get brighter and longer, we open ourselves up to new potential and welcome the new and brighter chapter into our lives along with new possibilities. 

As always in times like this just remember to keep your vibration high and stay true to yourself by listening to your own needs and honouring your beautiful heart as much as possible. The deeper you can love yourself, the deeper the Universe can affirm your worth.



“The Law of Vibration states that everything in the Universe moves and vibrates - everything is vibrating at one speed or another. Nothing rests. Everything you see around you is vibrating at one frequency or another and so are you. However your frequency is different from other things in the Universe - hence it seems like you are separated from what you see around you - people, animals, plants, trees and so on. BUT you are not separated - you are in fact living in an ocean of energy - we all are. We are all connected at the lowest level - a level professor John Hagelin calls this unified field. Everything has its own vibrational frequency - the table - the car - the picture frame - the rock - even our thoughts and feelings. It is all governed by The Law of Vibration.” The Law of Vibration, One Mind Energy

If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration
— Nikola Tesla

There are times when what is going on in our life and the rest of the Universe can bring us down. We can experience good days and bad days. This is a natural part of being human. However we must not forget that we are all energetic beings made up of our own unique vibrations. We are not just a physical body. Every single thing in the Universe has its own frequency and we are constantly swimming in a sea of ever changing vibrations flowing in and around us. It is no wonder we can feel so up and down sometimes but it does not have to stay this way. I am no stranger to anxiety, depression and thought patterns of low self-esteem. Through these experiences I have learnt how to help raise my vibration enough to move out of these low vibrational holds that we all can so often fall into. I want you to know that you can OWN your energy. YOU can change the way you feel. You might not be able to change the situation but you CAN always raise your vibration and you can even keep it there. When you find a good place of balance within your energy, then you will notice your life become so much more peaceful, graceful and authentic.

When we allow ourselves to be authentically free, it raises our vibration
— Alaric Hutchinson, Living Peace

So lets break this down. When your vibration is low you will most likely find it hard to manifest your desires and you may find yourself surrounded by negativity, you may be constantly tired and unhealthy, procrastinate over things, money flow may be tight, work may be unfulfilling and slow. When your vibration is high it will feel like everything you do is falling effortlessly into place, like your just in a natural rhythm of life with ease.

When you find yourself in these kind of situations have you ever thought that maybe it’s your very own vibration that is attracting it? Maybe your big smile and general positivity that you are putting out into the world each day is bringing you that same vibration back, in the form of positive people and exciting opportunities? Maybe that recurring negative thought pattern you get trapped into before you even roll out of bed each day is bringing you down so low that you are attracting that very same frequency back to you?

Our thoughts and intentions are powerful tools. Stay aware of what you are putting out, being mindful that the Universe can reflect that right back to you in your life. Making a conscious effort to maintain a high vibration will help you to stay tuned into your true purpose and enable you to listen clearly to your inner guidance leading you along the right path, attracting the right things and experiences for you along the way.

Always remember to take responsibility for your own thoughts and actions. This is the fundamental key to raising your vibration in a grounded way.




There is nothing more powerful and pure than spending time in nature. Receiving that natural energy hit from the Earth is sometimes all we need to bring us back to our centre. Those who live in busy cities need to make sure there is a healthy balance between concrete and green. It may seem impossible when you lead a busy life, but you can make that change. Sometimes all it takes is a short walk outside or in the park to shift any unsettled feelings. Place your hand on a tree, put your bare feet on the ground.

Water is so deeply soothing and healing, even standing by the sea or listening to it creates the most tranquil feeling within. Never forget the connection you have with Mother Earth, you are at one, but if you spend all your time indoors within four walls it is eventually going to take its toll on your energy. Taking time to be in Earth more really connects us back to source in the most natural way.



Exercise is a natural high! Your body releases endorphins during exercise which trigger a positive feeling within, it can almost feel euphoric. Release stress, tension and anxiety by simply bringing exercise and movement into your life on a regular basis. You will get better sleep and increased energy levels, the list of benefits is endless! You will be surprised how quickly you will notice the improvement in your overall well-being and self-worth. If you don’t fancy yoga or the gym then you could try swapping public transport for walking. Any amount of movement is good so find something which suits you and make it a vital part of your routine.


Have you noticed when you are kind to someone that you feel your heart filling up too? Giving good energy and feeling someone receive that good energy and feel good from it is so heart warming. It is like a knock on effect. You give with no intention of receiving but actually you do receive too. I live in London and most people know London can be a very suppressive place in regards to human interaction. You only have to ride the tube to sense the cold silence and diverted eyes between everyone to feel the realness of the suppression here. It can be quite overwhelming if you let it but the key in these situations is to be the person you want to meet. Smile at people in the street. Be kind to people who serve you in the shop. Even if you are feeling low and cannot imagine doing any of this, push out of your comfort zone and do it! Giving from a pure place is a gift to others and yourself. Smile and the world smiles with you :)


Meditation is a game changer. It is a powerful tool which can shift even the lowest vibration. Start your day with a meditation to keep you balanced and centred. End your day meditating to release anything you have picked up or taken on that day. Do it whenever you like, it is always there for you to tap into. Even taking a few minutes a day to just sit, take some deep breaths in and out and just be is enough. Taking the time to meditate regularly ensures we take care of ourselves by recharging our own energy. Meditation connects us to divine source. Through it we can move away from the mind, clear energy blockages and come back to the wisdom of our heart and soul.



Nourish your physical body by banishing the foods from your diet which you know are not right for you. You are what you eat. If there are foods you eat which make you feel sluggish, bloated or acidic then you are getting signs from your body that they are not right for you. Listen to the signs, our bodies are so clever and will tell us when something is not working for us.  Food is very personal so what works for one person, may not work for another. Find what works for you and flow with it.

The food we eat has a huge impact on our well-being so honour that and really tune into what you are consuming. If you eat sugary, processed junk food with no nutrients then you are doing a disservice to yourself as it is not going to feed your body or energy, it will only weigh it down. So think alkalising, organic vegetables and fruit. Think vibrant colour, freshness and plant power! Some high vibe foods you can eat are green vegetables like sprouts and broccoli, leafy vegetables like Kale and Arugula, fresh herbs as most contain such powerful healing properties, raw nuts and seeds, pulses, herbal teas.

Vegan is a very high vibrational way to live. If we talk in terms of energy then consuming animal, meat and dairy products essentially means you are consuming the low vibrations that come with it. Think about an animal who has been living in poor conditions, abused and tortured throughout its life to then be killed in the most inhumane way. If you chose to consume that produce then you need to be aware that you are consuming the low frequencies too. Since I went from a Vegetarian to Vegan diet 2 years ago I have noticed a significant difference in my energy. My immune system is stronger than ever, I have only been ill once since my diet change. You become more sensitive and in tune with yourself and the rest of the Universe too. Of course you need to ensure you get all of the correct nutrient and protein content if you follow a Vegan or Raw diet to ensure you make the change in a balanced and healthy way which works for your body.

Water is sacred, water is life. Make sure you honour the vital power of water within the body by ensuring you drink plenty of water each day. You will literally notice your energy drop if you are dehydrated and you will feel it rise if you keep hydrated. Drink at least 1-2 litres of good quality water per day and feel your skin, body and energy benefit. Avoid tap water because it can contain all kinds of nasties which our body does not like. I would recommend getting a good quality water filter. You can get an Alkaline filter which you can find online for as cheap as £30. I use an i9 bottle which is pretty magical as it changes the structure of water into its most purest form

If you want to drink alcohol and take drugs then please be aware of the negative effects which they can have on your energy. If you are using them as an escapism then it will likely only temporally suppress what you are feeling and make you feel on a much lower frequency afterwards and then you begin to get into other negative patterns like eating unhealthy and attracting further low vibrational energies into your life. 


Creativity is the life force energy which flows through each and every one of us. It is an essential part of life. If we do not nurture this energy then we can become out of touch with ourselves. When you are in your pure creative flow you are allowing your soul to feel free. Its this freedom which makes us feel pure joy. By allowing our creative juices to flow we are connecting to our inner child. When we are children all we do is play and create. Children do not live in fear about making mistakes or not having enough time to create, they see the magic in everything around them and they let it flow through them into what they do. Its this purity which most of us seem to get lost from as we move into adult life but it is always there within, you just have to connect to it again. Working with your Sacral Chakra energy will help you to open up and connect deeply with this part of yourself. Draw, sing, paint, dance, laugh, have fun and express yourself in whatever way that may be! 


In order to live authentically we have to act upon our energy. Our instincts will tell us who and what is not working for us. If you want to maintain balance then make wise choices in regards to how you spend your time and energy. Spend time with those people who bring you up rather than those who make you feel anxious or drained. Its the supportive, loving, open people who will make you feel good about yourself. If your introverted you will need to ensure you are allowing space for alone time to recharge your energy too.

Take regular time out for YOU to do the things you love and to simply just be. Self-care is essential so make sure this becomes a usual part of your lifestyle rather than a luxury every now and then. Book in for a regular message or healing session. Take a bath and add some epsom bath salts to cleanse your energy from any toxic, negative energy. Light a candle, relax, breathe and just be. 



Have you ever spent some time with animals and noticed your entire mood change after? Animals are healers in themselves, raising our vibration just by being around us. They give out pure unconditional love. You can feel it strongly after spending even a couple of minutes with a dog how pure and loving they are. I signed up to Borrow My Doggy so that I can get my animal fix every now and then. We can learn a lot from them.


Being present is important as it brings you into a place of acceptance of all that is. The past is over and the future has not started yet. All we really have is now. Worrying about what has happened in the past or what may happen in the future is a total waste of energy. Instead focus on the moment and give it your all. Here are some more tips if you find this hard to manage



Crystals are literally part of Mother Earth. Therefore they hold powerful Earth energies, each one vibrating at its own unique frequency. We can wear crystals or keep them around us to help us keep our vibration high and clear. They are used in many healing practises because of the healing power and protection they bring.Citrine is great for protecting your Solar Plexus Chakra energy from taking in negativity from around you. Amethyst is great to use when meditating as it opens up your Crown Chakra and helps to deepen your spiritual connection but with protection. Lapis Lazuli is great for communication and awareness.

You can visit a nearby Crystal store to get a feel for which ones you are drawn to. Usually you will be drawn to whatever you need at that time as your energy will know which vibration is right for you. 


This may sound obvious but it is a fundamental one - make sure you get enough sleep. If we do not get enough sleep we are not functioning at our optimum, therefore we are not in our full personal power. Sleep deprivation can effect all areas of your well-being including physical and emotional levels, which could mean you are not feeling or acting yourself.  When we sleep we are allowing our body to heal and regenerate, it literally repairs itself during this time. My nutritionist says the best time to go to sleep would be as close to 10.00pm as possible because between 10.00pm-2.00am our body is literally in its ‘Beauty Sleep’ stages. Never underestimate the healing power of sleep.


Whatever it may be that you are suffering from or dealing with then please know that there are many different types of natural healing therapies available which can help you and guide you on your path in one way or another. Our physical problems are usually a direct product of an emotional issue which has not been released and built up within us, eventually manifesting in our bodies physically in various ways. Energy healing is fast becoming the new medicine of our times because slowly people are realising that we need to treat holistically, ensuring every aspect is looked at rather than just the physical level.

Energy healing not only raises your vibration but goes directly to the root of an issue by allowing old pains, blockages and imbalances within your energy field to release. If you are ready to take a step to begin your own healing journey then luckily there are many options available. Reiki, Sound Healing, Shamanic Healing, Spiritual Counselling, Homeopathy, Plant Medicine. There are so many forms of healing available, it is just about finding the right one which resonates for you, including the right healer or guide to facilitate the process in a grounded and sacred space. Normally you will be drawn to the right person at the right time or you will find something comes up along your journey and you will just feel the call to try it. Trust your intuition. 

Reiki can be a powerful tool if you want to let go of stagnant energies and open up to receive new energies into your life. By aligning your Chakras and cleansing your energetic field you are allowing your bodies natural healing process to take place. When you let divine energy in it will move through all areas of your life, going way beyond the session itself, guiding you to the places where you should be, even if it isn’t in the way you would imagine. It is overall a high vibrational healing tool which allows you to get in touch with your own personal power and connects you deeply to your true self.  

Sometimes asking for help from a friend or taking the plunge to book in for therapy or healing may seem like too much if you are used to getting on with things but try your hardest to push through that barrier and know that by holding onto things you are only hurting yourself. There is strength but then there is pride. We must not mistake the two. Pride can be like poison for our energy. Let it go and then watch things flow. 


One thing that has completely shifted my life in a positive way is being around like-minded souls. Whatever it is you are into then surround yourself with people who have the same interests as much as possible so that you can bounce off each other and inspire each other. 

I love to attend Meditation, Sound Healing and Healing related events because each time I go I am able to have heart felt conversations, away from the ego. It is really warming to be around people with the same intentions because you feel nurtured even just being in that space. Whatever your interest may be you can search on sites like for local gatherings or events. 

Vibration is the core of the spirit. It is the breath of life
— Suzy Kassem, Rise Up and Salute the Sun