Balanced Being ♡ Balanced Body

The connection between our emotions and our physical body is insanely intimate. Once you understand this relationship you become more in tune with your entire being and see just how deeply the link runs. This awareness will keep you in check with your overall health, ensuring you can stay as balanced as possible by respecting and knowing yourself on a whole new level. 

Many people automatically choose to take pain killers when they begin to feel pain in the body rather than actually honouring why the pain is there in the first place. That's what most are bought up to do in the Western world, making the mind and body seem like separate things. You can take a tablet to mask the pain but does that cure it? Of course there is a huge place for Western medicine in the world and for some people it is a necessity, but many are waking up to the vast alternative healing methods available which can get to the emotional root so the physical issue subsides naturally. You have probably noticed mindfulness has become renowned in recent years which is so important because it brings the knowledge forward of how vital a healthy mind is for overall health. 

Even the word ‘disease’ tells us there is ‘dis-ease’ in the body where it is out of balance. Put simply, every single thing in the Universe is made up of vibrations. Energy is at the centre of all matter, the human body included. Every cell in our body is radiating its own frequency. Our subtle energy bodies are basically a template of our physical body, meaning our emotional health can manifest into the physical. 

Within our energy bodies are Chakras which are like channels located on specific points of the body through which energy can flow in and out. There are 7 main Chakras which are all associated with a different set of organs, functions and systems corresponding with each location. They represent our emotions and consciousness as well as our physical body. Whether aware of it or not, everyone experiences the mind body connection during everyday life. When you are feeling emotional and you stop yourself from crying you will be aware of the huge lump feeling in your throat, this is your Throat Chakra. When you feel anxious and you rush to the toilet because your stomach feels like its in knots, this is the Solar Plexus which is located in the navel area linking with the digestive system and central nervous system. When you go through a difficult break up and your heart feels broken which comes with sadness, pain and grief, this is the Heart Chakra. If these emotional imbalances build up without being released then it can cause a symptom on the physical level. The physical symptom is basically communicating with you through your own body via your consciousness. So the ideal is to address any emotional blockages before they are able to manifest physically. 

There is so much research out there to confirm the powerful effect our intentions and thoughts have on our energy and the world around us. Dr Masaru Emoto is well known for his experiments testing the effect thoughts and emotions have on water molecules. He proved how the structure of water is effected differently by positive and negative thoughts. His photographic evidence of the experiments showed how the water structure changed by even a slight change of intention so when positive words were spoken the water structures formed beautiful, symmetrical patterns but when negative words were spoken the water structures formed dense and dark shapes. The human body is made up of around 70% water so taking this into consideration you can imagine how influenced we are by our own thoughts and the environment around us. 

Even the placebo effect reminds us how powerful our beliefs can be on our own physical body. To this day placebos are still successfully used in the medical world which goes to show how widely recognised it can be that our beliefs alone can effect us and even heal us in some cases. I will never forget hearing a story from my friends mum who told me all about one of her teenage daughters birthday parties. She had agreed to let her daughter drink alcohol at the party. She watched as the whole room of teenagers fell about on top of each other and fell into things, slurring their words. However she didn’t worry because little did they know that there was actually 0 alcohol in the drinks at all, it was completely fake. The sheer fact that they had believed they were drinking alcohol made them react in that way as if they were drinking it. 

I have experienced first hand many times during my life how thoughts effect my physical body. One time I had been feeling pain under my right rib cage. The pain was there constantly like a dull ache but at times it was extremely intense and when I done energy work on myself to feel what was going on, I could actually feel a huge disturbance in my energy in that area. It was as if there was a hole in my energy field and I could feel dense energy pouring out but no matter how much work I done on the area it only temporarily lessened it rather than cured it, I felt like I wanted to get my hands deep inside of my body but it was as if it had been building up for years to this point from a very deep place, too far in to reach. I was suffering with very low self-esteem and thoughts of self-loathe, the thoughts were on constant loop and I had got used to them playing around in my mind all the time. The missing link was right there. The low vibrational emotions and feelings about myself had manifested physically as if to scream and shout at me until I listened. The dense area in my energy formed to funnel the toxic energy out of me because on a subconscious level I knew these thoughts did not serve my soul, I had simply got used to the thought patterns and let them become part of me. 

Once I addressed the emotional issue at the core and made positive changes enabling me to shift the thought patterns and come into a place of self-acceptance, which happened over a long period of transformation, the disturbance in my energy vanished and therefore the physical pain went and has not come back since. The reason I had pains under my right rib cage around my lung is because it linked to my Heart Chakra which covers this area. I opened my heart to heal others yet I did not give myself the same loving and kind thoughts causing imbalance in my heart energy. By raising my own vibration, opening my heart to myself for what felt like the first time in my life, I was able to heal. In my case it was essential that I changed my way of being in order for the blockage to reverse because recognising it alone would not have been enough, I had to go through a transition and luckily I listened to the physical signs before they could manifest into anything more serious. Had I not been so aware of energy myself, I would have struggled to rid myself of the pain and probably spent tons of time and money on various physical work which would have only eased the pain temporarily. 

One of my friends had a bad infection in one of her fingers. It lasted for months on end and no medication seemed to shift it. Only when she delved into her own emotional and spiritual healing did the answer finally come. The moment she fully committed to her true path to be a healer the infection went and has never come back. The finger which was infected was her engagement finger on her left hand which correlates to the Third Eye Chakra. She was not seeing her own path with clarity, choosing to ignore the signs until she was pushed to accept her true spiritual path by the Universe. 


Our body is our friend so we must treat it like one rather than treating it like a vessel or machine for us to use. It well tell us when something is not right, it talks to us in its own language. It is very intelligent, all you need to do is listen and honour the cues. 

Through working with energy so closely I see examples of the connection between our mind, emotions and physical body all the time. I meet people who have suffered with back and shoulder pains for many years which no massage or body work has been able to shake yet they can walk out pain free after even just a single energy healing session. Why? Because the emotional blockage is acknowledged rather than just easing the physical level. Some people who experience recurring pains may not be ready to make the life changes needed to bring them into positive emotional health yet so the pain relief will only be temporary. For instance someone may be experiencing consistent pain in their shoulders and neck area which links to the Throat Chakra. The Throat Chakra energies are not aligned when we are not honouring our own truth or expressing ourselves honestly. So if someone is in a job which makes them feel unsatisfied but they do not feel ready to make the move yet, the Throat Chakra will be in a state of disharmony which is when the ailments in this area can occur. The Throat Chakra literally holds the power of choice within our life, if we make a choice based on our hearts desires we are opening the energy and allowing it to flow freely but if we ignore it and put off taking action even though we recognise we must make a change, then we are choosing to stay stuck instead of trusting in ourselves and Divine. All kinds of physical problems can occur if we live with blockages in our Throat Chakra including thyroid problems, sore throat and addiction. 

You could literally live the healthiest lifestyle on the highest vibrational diet, drinking the purest water but in a total paradox still be filling your body with unhealthy toxicity through your very own thoughts. Negative thoughts and emotions are poison to the body. Become conscious of your thoughts and feelings and if they are on a negative loop then transform them. Direct them to come from your heart instead, a place of empathy and love. Healing demands action on all levels of your being. Change can be feared but can be so rewarding once you are ready to take a leap. Just remember how connected your inner being is to your outer being. Support your physical body with wholesome and nutrient rich foods, healthy sleep patterns, regular exercise and movement. Support your energy body by meditating, spiritual practise, forgiveness, letting go of the past, expressing yourself through creativity and honouring your true path. 

So next time you feel a nagging pain or ailment in your body, maybe it is time for you to look a little deeper? Luckily we are living in a very transformational time right now, where alternative healing methods are becoming more and more widely accepted. You will be drawn to whatever healing method is right for you at the right time and at times it is all part of a process where you will need to go through your own self-work alongside it too. Instead of holding onto your wounds, look into them and shed them. 

Energy Healing, Reiki, Yoga, Acupuncture, Meditation, Sound Healing and Reflexology are just some of the ways in which you can balance your energy and calm the mind. For instance during a typical Energy Healing session I will assess the energy flow in the Chakras to see where there may be imbalances then I work intuitively through the entire energy field and physical body on front and back with my hands to align the Chakras and release any blockages using various energy and sound techniques, which means by the end of the session mind, body and spirit has gone into a harmonious state where energies are flowing and the bodies natural healing process can take place. The blockages are discussed at the end of the session to bring awareness to any areas of being that may need to be addressed to ensure long lasting results take place. The process is all about you getting in touch with your self on a deeper level and in touch with your own power which happens naturally when blocks are removed.

Creating, dancing, singing and doing whatever brings your heart pure happyness are all ways in which you can allow life force to flow freely through you n your every day life. As you walk down your path you will find your own medicine in many different forms.