It has always been so hard for me to find words to even discuss the stuff that happens here in our world. Often, if not always, I am left speechless. However, I feel and I know that this is time for each and every one of us to find our voice, so that we may give our beloved Mother Earth a voice before it is too late. How can we continue to be ok with creating such hell on Earth? The pain and suffering that so many helpless and innocent people have to endure on a daily basis. The harrowing torture that happens to our beautiful animals just so humans can consume them. The destruction of our beloved Earth, our home, for the sake of power and money. Her lands, oceans, forests and jungles are not being respected. They are being destroyed. How much longer can this go on? What will it take to wake up? Is this the final nail in the coffin that we need to truly acknowledge the damage humanity is causing all over the world? Could this be similar to ‘The Tower’ card, where everything comes crumbling down around us and we are thrown into the darkness, so that we can rebuild a new way of living in deeper harmony with nature and each other for our future children? A new Earth? I pray for this every day! I pray that this could be the wake up call that we need but from what I see around me there are so many still asleep! Unaware of the truth of what is really going on! There have been so many times that I have felt crippled by the pain of what is happening on Earth. The other week I lay awake for hours suddenly feeling deep sadness and fear for Earth. It seemed to come from nowhere and really effected me. I wondered if it was a warning. A message. Then I remembered something that I had to learn many years ago when struggling with empathy. I learned it does not help anyone to simply feel this depth of pain in my own heart and body. How could this help anyone else? I never forget a wise women and healers words which I often remind myself “Josie you are swimming in an ocean of feelings that are not even yours. You have to learn to stand on the shore, helping everyone up onto land, with your team of angels and guides behind you supporting.” I have never forgotten these words and regularly pass onto other sensitive beings as a way to help them remember how to channel the profound sensitivity they feel into strength.

“God built lighthouses to see people through storms. Then he built storms to remind people to find lighthouses.” Shannon L. Alder⁣

We must learn to acknowledge our feelings of empathy and compassion and then choose where to channel this energy. Emotion is simply energy in motion. I choose to channel this depth of feeling and connection into being in healing service every day. Holding space for others to release from pain and suffering so they can acknowledge the divine in themselves and return to love. So that they can awaken and raise their vibration. I channel it into making conscious choices every day that help my body to be strong and healthy and that make as little impact on the Earth as possible. I choose not to consume or wear animal products so that I am not contributing to the suffering and pain that our poor friends have to go through and so that I am not contributing to the damage the meat and dairy industry is having on Earth. I am only just getting a water filter system now so i can stop using plastic all together. I am not perfect but I am consciously aware and trying my best. I accept we can’t do everything at once. I channel this energy into my own healing journey so that I can continue to work on myself and raise my own vibration. I believe that the entire world would change if everybody could go within and take a good look at themselves. If everybody could return to their own truth. To the compassionate and loving soul that entered this world before any conditioning and pain got in the way