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It feels like it has been a deeply transformational year already which I know is not always an easy process to go through. It feels like the themes of this year are GROWTH and TRUTH. We all know that truth can hurt. Sometimes in order to live in our truth we have to go through a lot of change and GROWTH to get to that point.

More and more I am noticing people waking up to their own magnificence. Realising their true potential and seeing just how important it is to be truly happy. No longer hiding from their soul purpose. Whether you are ready for the truth or to take action is another story but having awareness is enough for the process to begin. You may have had the sudden urge to follow your heart and take a big step whether its leaving a toxic relationship, moving home, leaving your job or going through a purification process to shed an unhealthy lifestyle. This year feels like a push forward to be in alignment with your true self. To be authentic because you simply cannot do it any other way anymore.

Whatever it is that may be changing in your world just make sure you support yourself during this time. It will be normal to experience what I would call 'growing pains' during these changes. Just rest assured that self growth means you are expanding and moving forward, so whatever comes up in the process is all part of the journey and all relevant. Something that many forget to do which can be our biggest support during these times is to take time to be STILL. Slow down. Take a breath. It is in our stillness that we are able to clearly see or hear the truth which lies within our hearts.  



As we move through the transition of seasons from Summer into Autumn, we notice our inner world shifting too. I have noticed this seasonal shift hit many quite hard in terms of bringing up a lot of shadow to the surface. Shadow being the parts of ourselves that we do not particularly tend to embrace. For example, anxiety, fear, self doubt, anger. Autumn seems to remind us of the importance of balance between darkness and light. Natures cycles serve as a mirror of what is going on within our own lives. The darker nights and shorter days naturally lead us to turn inward. When we look within we are tuning into our inner self on a deeper level ready to do the work or at least begin acknowledging it. This is when we can become quiet enough to listen to what is going on inside and have true reflection. This is the time that we take all of the lessons learned from the past few months and put them into action. Shedding our skins and letting go of anything that no longer serves us. Walking into this new cycle with greater clarity and insight into our path ahead. 

What valuable lessons have you learned in recent months? Collectively we have been experiencing a number of powerful Universal shifts lately including the last Mercury Retrograde in August and the Autumn Equinox in September. As these Universal shifts take place we go through our own journey of personal growth too. We are ONE with Nature. We are so intimately connected and we must try and keep this knowledge present within us. By moving consciously through the cycles it means we can really embrace the flow and honour all that each season brings forth within ourselves. 

                          I took this photo in Cascais, Portugal around the New Moon Leo Eclipse & Mercury Retrograde in August 2017

                          I took this photo in Cascais, Portugal around the New Moon Leo Eclipse & Mercury Retrograde in August 2017

Whilst many of us may experience some resistance to this change of season as we leave behind the Summer, we must instead learn to embrace the gifts of this season too. As we watch the leaves fall from the trees it reminds us that nothing is permanent - this is one of the biggest lessons I learnt this summer. Life is an ever flowing journey, we cannot hold on to things but we can flow with it in each moment. I found the August Mercury Retrograde full of valuable yet extremely challenging lessons during my trip to Lisbon for my 30th Birthday. Each challenge served as a welcome reminder that all we really have is NOW. You probably hear this saying a lot right? Well until you really take notice of what that could mean in your own life it doesn’t have a lot of meaning. I learned this the hard way but I am so grateful for that. I would always try and practise being in the present in every day life but being a sensitive and emotional being, sometimes the emotion or reaction to a situation would get in the way.

When something happens that is beyond our control it is always a good test for our growth. Look at your reaction to the situation first, rather than the situation itself. If you can remember this tool it can be one of your most powerful assets to keep you centred and in the NOW. Take a split second to ask yourself is this situation really worth my frustration or sadness? Or can I bypass the pulls of the dramatic ego and come into my heart space where I can take a balanced perspective at what is happening? If something has happened that your going to forget about in 1 week or even 6 months time why would it be worth your energy right now? If we remember that all we have is the present moment then we would not care for the past nor the possible future outcomes, we would be in a state of acceptance. This would mean saving a lot of wasted energy and time as we CHOOSE to react to the situation from a apace of balance and more importantly TRUST in all that is. Events can change. Plans can be disrupted. People can let you down. The only thing you can really control is your own perspective and reaction. So why not own it? Its challenging work sometimes but so worth it! We can find lessons in everything and grow from every situation if we want to. 

If you experience even the smallest ray of silence, consider that you have seen the whole sun because even the smallest experience of light will help you to reach to the sun. If I am sitting in a dark room and I see a thin ray of light, there are two ways I can relate to it. One way would be to say, ‘What is this small ray of light compared to the deep darkness surrounding me? What can one small ray of light do? - there is so much darkness all around me.’ The other way would be to think, ‘In spite of all this darkness, there is at least one ray of light available to me, and if I go towards that ray of light I may reach the source where the sun is.
— Osho