The Full Moon And Her Power

As I sat there on my bed staring at my laptop screen pondering about what I was going to write about in my latest blog last night, I had so much going round in my mind which I wanted to share in the hope to help, enlighten or inspire others, but nothing felt right.. I believe writing should come from the heart so it flows and is from a place of truth, as then the reader can usually feel that in their heart and soul too, so I never want to force writing. So anyway, as I sat there pondering, suddenly my eyes were diverted to the window ahead of me and there I saw my inspiration instantly - an almost full moon stared back at me - aligned perfectly within the small slot of window showing at that perfect synchronistic moment, I smiled to myself and said thank you to the universe for showing me. 

Looking up at the moon it seemed divine timing that I write about it the more i looked into it....this Full Moon is in my star sign VIRGO and it falls on 22nd of February - 22 has always been my favourite number since I was little and throughout the past couple of years 22 has been a big part of my journey, popping up everywhere and giving me vital signs and nudges, I am a big believer in numerology! Most of all it seems relevant because I have been feeling the effects of this Full Moon in full force the past week as we lead up to today so I have lots of inspiration for this subject..all in all, it just feels right so I will go with it :)

Over recent years I have developed a strong love for the moon and have felt very connected to her. I am no expert in the moon but it simply fascinates me with its beauty and power and the way it has effected me over the years has been overwhelming at times, but also knowing that the moon energies are the catalyst for these emotional and behavioural changes always gives me a sense of contentment and that it is all necessary and to just surrender to it!

The idea that the moon phases can affect every living thing on our beautiful planet goes way way back.. and if you think about it, most people are aware that the moon effects the tides; which are created because the earth and the moon are attracted to each other like magnets, and so the moon pulls at the earth but the earth is able to hold onto everything except from the water… so it makes perfect sense that us humans are affected by the moon too because we are made up of approx 60% water!

The word 'Lunatic' is actually derived from the word 'Lunar' which is the latin word for 'Moon'! Even long ago it was believed that the phases of the moon effected peoples minds and behaviours, especially people with vulnerable or sensitive minds apparently. Its funny because I always remember my mum telling me that the residents in the nursing home she managed often acted differently when it was a Full Moon, she would say they would be unable to sleep and were very unsettled. When researching I even found there was an announcement from Senior Officers of Brighton Police back in 2007 where they explained they were planning to get more officers in to help with trouble which they felt was linked to the lunar cycle; they had carried out their own research which showed evidence of a clear connection between violent incidents and full moons! It really can bring things which we may have been pushing to the back, right up to the surface, whether we like it or not! This is why I want to try and spread some awareness of the Full Moon, it is beneficial to have the moon phases noted in your calendar so you can be aware of the energies and how they may influence your emotions, impulses and feelings during certain times of the month.

Of course there are many phases of the moon, but today I want to focus mainly on the Full Moon. There are many books out there which can give real insight into the ways in which you can go with the flow of the moon cycle, helping you get into the natural rhythm of the ever changing energies it brings. This is something I am beginning to research into only now, it feels the right time now I am at a grounded point of my life. The moon energies and shifts can leave us feeling frustrated, low and confused at times if we do not understand it, so to flow with the cycles and not fight it can only be beneficial! I guess it is just tuning into mother nature on another level too, a deep level because this is all about our emotional inner self. The relationship between water and emotion is well known throughout spirituality too so I guess this is something else which supports this Moon/Water/Emotions connection theory. 

The Full Moon is the phase where the lunar powers are at their maximum, so we may feel more in tune with our instincts and have more intense emotions during this time, it is also said that the spiritual world is at its closest during this time too. I have found that the week running up to a Full Moon is usually a strong contrast in feelings for me. For example, I generally have a calm energy, but I notice I begin to feel a little irrational and emotional about a week before the Full Moon and I am faced with what seems like every aspect of my shadow-self, you know, the dark bits which we all have in different ways, collected from childhood and all other experiences from along the journey that is life. So basically all of my deepest and darkest thoughts, fears, low vibrational emotions and weaknesses, yep, all of that dark stuff seems to come up at some point whether for a split second or for a day or a week - the moon has her way of bringing the unconscious into consciousness.

However, after being on a self-healing journey of transformation and self-discovery for some years now, I am totally aware of my shadow-self and it is something I am constantly working through, one bit at a time, getting deeper and deeper and releasing more at each step of the way, so it no longer alarms me when it all comes up during these times and I actually welcome it, I am grateful for it as it reminds me what work I have to do on myself and what parts of me I need to learn to love and accept, but also of how far I have come too, recognising the parts of me that have been healed. So the contrast I spoke of before is because although I seem to notice this darkness springing up more intensely during this phase, it is totally contrasted with the most incredible feeling of completeness.... I say this because I notice such a shift in energies when doing my healing work running up to the Full Moon. Last week for example, a lot of my clients who came to see me said that the healing energy they experienced during the session was the strongest they had felt in an energy healing before, and I felt this from my side too, it channelled through me with such power and I really felt like an open vessel. Every healing session felt like an energy operation where I was able to go deep into the chakras and energy body with my hands, releasing old pain bodies and working through imbalances bringing the energies back into alignment..even just as a channel for these healing energies I felt so in tune with every second of the healing, and I really feel like the moon had shifted something to make room for deeper and further healing work for those who come into this healing space! So along with the darkness which she can bring up in this full phase, she can also bring magical and mystical experiences too, its all about the balance! 

I had some really interesting experiences with the moon last year in regards to my menstrual cycle - I noticed last spring that my menstrual cycle began on the same day as the Full Moon, I had not noticed it before so I noted it down each month thereafter and to my surprise it came on the exact day or the day after each Full Moon. When I looked into this to see what I could find online, I was actually pleasantly surprised to find lots of information about the effects the moon has on our menstrual cycles. I found research everywhere to suggest women who bleed with the full moon are the medicine women, healers and the mystics and this is called the Red Moon cycle. A woman of the Red Moon cycle is said to bring her healing and magic into the world and focus her energies on empowering and enlightening others rather than giving birth to new life, she delves deep into the darkest corners of herself to heal, in order to then focus her energies on the rest of the world. Then the women who bleed with the New Moon and ovulate during the Full Moon follow the White Moon cycle. It is known that the earth herself is most fertile in the light on the Full Moon and research supports this as there are many studies showing that when seeds are planted during a Full Moon, the crops are the biggest, just the same as a women who is ovulating during a Full Moon will be at her most fertile! A women of the White Moon cycle is known as the mother, the nurturer.  

I also read that our cycle can change when our life circumstances change, and this soon became apparent to me - In April last year I bled with the full moon on 4th April, as usual, but then around 1 week later on 11th April I had my first Kambo ceremony with one of my closest friends Shardai (Shardai holds a beautiful, healing space for her powerful Kambo ceremonies) I would love to talk about that experience another time as it changed my life, but one thing that did happen after the ceremony was my menstrual cycle changed! A few days after the Kambo ceremony it was a New Moon on 18th April and I was surprised to begin bleeding again when I woke up that day, given that I already had my period a couple of weeks before with the Full Moon. I put it down to the Kambo ceremony as I knew how much had shifted and purged out of my energy and body during the ceremony, so it did not surprise me too much if things were releasing in the physical sense too. However, the next month I did not bleed with the full moon as usual, I figured my cycle must have actually changed to go with the New Moon and I was right as on 18th May I began my cycle with the New Moon! I actually felt a different to when in the White Moon cycle rather than the Red Moon cycle, I felt more energised and flowing and I noticed my skin and body felt different, I liked it actually, I guess for whatever reason I was ready to be in that cycle for that time and I stayed with it until a couple of months later when I moved to Ibiza for the summer…..I arrived in Ibiza in July and I had my cycle with July's New Moon as expected, but then at the end of the month on 31st July I bled again with the Full Moon! So this meant I had now had 2 months that year that I had bled with both moons in the same month!

I became so intrigued by this that I went to see a well known homeopathic doctor on the island called Derek, he was wonderful and I had the most amazing healing session with him which I will be eternally grateful for, but he explained I was just connecting with the constellations, there was nothing to worry about and nothing more than that! I felt really connected to the earth after that reassurance and I loved to know my body was in tune with the moon and her flows! After that shift back to the Full Moon at the end of July though I ended up staying in that cycle (Red Moon cycle) and I have been ever since, although when I moved back to London I moved away from being on the exact day or day after a Full Moon so I need to find out which moon phase I am falling in now! I think it is great to be aware of your cycle, so if you have not done so already then have a little think about which cycle you follow and if it changes or if you remember when it has changed, note things down over the next few months as you tune into it, its so interesting! GO DIVINE FEMININE ENERGIES!!!!! Whichever cycle you follow, each one is equally as powerful in its individual ways and I believe we will all experience both along the way depending on our situations and circumstances in life at the time (I have to add that I have not been on any contraceptive pills or taken any unnatural or hormonal altering contraceptive methods for over 3 years or so now, so I know that has helped me to be able to just get in sync with nature without anything unnatural altering my cycle)

I would love to hear about your Moon connection tales, please write on the comment section below if you want to share, I think it is really interesting and empowering to be able to share this kind of things with each other as fellow women!!!

Myself and a close friend will be creating a sacred space to hold New Moon and Full Moon circles in Dalston, London soon, I will post all of the details up on my page once they are confirmed.