▽ Reflections in LA ▽ Take Time Out To Connect ▽

Last week I returned from a heavenly 2 week break in Los Angeles with my partner and a few of our closest beings who live in the West Hills side deep in the valley.. We were surrounded by a canyon, mountains and vast nature which was deeply healing and grounding in itself. LA has such a focus on spirituality, health and healing so combined with the beautiful earth it has a real magical energy to it. I feel gratitude beyond words for every single second of our break, it was a completely transitional trip for all involved as it seems we entwined in each others journeys, each bringing something different to each other whether that was an opportunity, learning or simply an inspiration to take and mould into our own lives. It was for sure a trip of great meaning in each of our lives, which came at the divine time. I have come back to London feeling ultimate clarity for my path ahead more then ever before and that feels pretty good!

It made me realise that sometimes the best thing you can do for yourself is to escape from your every day life to reflect and grow, even if you can’t take a couple weeks out, then just sneak in a couple of days out in the country one weekend. So often we become wrapped up in our hectic lives, jobs, relationships or others needs that we forget all about our own life and how we are actually feeling within.

Our intuition cannot be heard if we are constantly stressed or filling our mind with the same thoughts on loop. Go to a peaceful environment and switch off from your usual reality or anything that usually has a hold on your energy. Feel empowered by turning off from your emails or phone even if just for a day so that you can connect with your internal self, without distractions. Meditate, write, draw, paint, dance, run, listen to music, play an instrument, walk in nature or do ANYTHING that makes you feel free and connected to your self on a soul level. 

Even simply doing something you enjoy can be just as healing and reflective. I rented a bike for a couple of hours on Venice Beach and had the most beautiful ride, I looked at the sun setting beside me and my partner as we cycled all along the epic beach front, I felt the ocean air on my face and the warmth of the sun surround me, I felt so connected to our earth and my heart felt full, it was a really special moment and all I could do to express the pure freedom and love that I felt within was to sing. I often sing when I am happy, its such a powerful creative expression and it really lets your heart and soul speak! I finished the bike ride feeling so FREE and most of all in touch with my creative and joyful self, my inner child, the part of us that many of us so often push down in our adult lives.

If you feel the call to have some time out then take notes of anything that comes up for you along the way and most of all tune into your heart and honour what it is telling you. When you come out of your usual surroundings it naturally brings up your truths as you are not being distracted. It might be something small which comes up for you like a reminder to take more time for yourself or to get back into that hobby you used to love or it could be something life changing like moving to somewhere you will be happier or taking a 'risk' in order to have the career of your dreams. Whatever it is, don’t be afraid to action it or overcome it, be bold, brave and in your heart and the rest will follow in whichever way that may be. Listening to your heart and taking a leap of faith is one of the most powerful actions you can do in your life!

I also have to mention how impactul healing sessions and readings can be in any challenging, uncertain or even positive times when you just need some extra clarification or an energy boost to help you along the way. During my trip I done healing work and tarot readings for others but I also made sure I received so that I had a balance. I booked in with a very beautiful energy healer I know who lives in Hollywood and his work only added to the realisations I had been experiencing and of course the session left me feeling deeply centered and calm. I also booked in with a palm reader who clarified everything I needed to hear as if it was one final push of reassurance from the Universe. I realised that every single meeting, healing or reading that took place whether on the giving or receiving end was absolutely divine timing and I have no doubt that I was guided to each one. Sometimes we need to be in those exact places at the 'perfect' time to hear the words we already know deep inside or to release those blockages that are weighing us down so that we can move forward! Sometimes we need that extra push and that clarification from something or someone outside of ourselves and sometimes we need it over and over again until we finally get it or believe it. I am so grateful to those beings who provided me with that extra support, guidance and healing and I am so thankful to be of healing service to others ✩