My name is Josie and I am a qualified Reiki Master. I have been practising energy healing since I had an awakening to my healing abilities in 2011 which eventually led me to begin Reiki training and launch my practise 'Eleven Healing' in 2014. I currently practise from 'The Refinery' in East London. However, if you require a home visit for a particular reason this can be arranged. I have a client base in Bournemouth, London, Newcastle and Ibiza so I arrange regular visits.

Please see MY JOURNEY for an honest insight into my healing path so far. My healing work comes from a place of love  because it is my calling. It is my life's work and not a moment passes by when I do not feel deep gratitude for what I do. The essence of my healing work is to raise consciousness by guiding others to connect deeply within to the inner self.. To awaken to the true personal power within that may have been lost. To bring balance and harmony by releasing energetic and physical blockages.

Below is some general information regarding Reiki/Energy Healing and what you can expect in a session! You can also see TESTIMONIALS from some of my clients who touch on their own ELEVEN HEALING experiences!



Before each healing session I will always prepare and protect the space in which the healing will be taking place. I treat every session as its own sacred ceremony. I will call upon spirit to assist with your healing and then I will tune into your energy to become a channel for divine universal energy to flow through me, onto your energy field. Energy healing takes a holistic approach, going far beyond the physical, deep into the Chakras and energy system where the root cause of any 'issue' may be found and released. 

If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration
— Nikola Tesla

During a healing session I work with the etheric energy body which is just above the physical body. The etheric body gives health and organisation to the physical body, it connects energies from the higher subtle bodies into our physical consciousness.  I am also guided to physically touch certain areas where they may be a particular blockage of energy which I need to work with to release. I work intuitively so I will be guided to work with each person on a very individual basis. 

Many people do not realise the link between our emotional and physical health. Energy healing can really help identify 'issues' before they manifest into pain or a physical ailment as it opens our consciousness to the areas we need to work through and heal in our lives, in order to bring balance and maintain health and harmony.

During or after the healing session I will discuss the imbalances or blockages in which I may feel or sense in the Chakras and energy field so that we can work together in finding the root cause, resulting in a deep and long lasting healing and awareness.


During previous healing sessions some of my clients have experienced various sensations including heat, tingling, vibrations, pulses, visuals, twitching, overwhelming sense of pure love, falling asleep, relaxation, emotional releases, visits from spirit and much more. My energy work can feel quite physical during the session whilst you experience stagnant and old energies moving and releasing and new vibrations flowing in. However, my advise is always to let go of all expectations before you come so that you are just fully open to receive all that is. Trust, relax and surrender to the divine intelligence, trusting that the Universe will give you exactly what is needed at that time. 

Healing yourself is connected with healing others
— Yoko Ono

Some people book in for a one off session in order to relax and release some negativity or simply to have a spiritual experience and feel connected to themselves in a deep way. However, it is always advisable to book in for repeat or regular healing sessions if you wish to work on something in particular and to maintain the healing process. Each session is completely different and each time we are working on deeper layers.

If you would like to know more about Reiki/Energy Healing please EMAIL ME with any questions at all and I will respond as soon as possible