>> JOSIE <<

I have been practising energy healing since I had a profound awakening to my natural abilities in 2011 which completely changed my life and eventually led me to launch my practice 'Eleven Healing' in 2014. Along with energy healing, I also incorporate various sound healing techniques in my sessions including Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls, Tuning Forks and Light Language.

My practice is based in Dalston, East London. However, if you are London based and require a home visit for any reason please get in touch.

I also have a client base in Newcastle and Bournemouth so I arrange regular visits. I offer remote sessions over Skype/Telephone. Please see SERVICES to find out more.

I share group sound healing sessions at RE:MIND Meditation Studio in Victoria every Tuesday at 6.00pm and 7.00pm. 

My intention is to continue spreading awareness of the power of energy healing because I feel it is just as integral to our health and wellbeing as exercise and a good diet. MY JOURNEY is an honest insight into my healing path so far. 

It is such an honour to be in service to others. This is my calling. It is my life's work. Not a single moment passes by when I do not feel gratitude. This flows into what I do because my intention is coming from a very real place in my heart so the space created for others is authentic, non-judgemental and deeply nurturing,

The essence of the one to one sessions is to help people transmute anything that may be holding them back and to awaken to the magic within. The experience of energy healing can be enlightening, empowering, transformational and humbling. Enabling you to connect to your true self and open your heart. Expanding consciousness. When healing takes place in your inner world then this flows into your outer world, creating shifts in life too. I believe energy healing is a powerful catalyst for growth and awakening and it is here to be shared to help awaken humanity. 

Here you can read TESTIMONIALS from some of my clients who touch on their own ELEVEN HEALING experiences!



Energy healing takes a holistic approach, going far beyond the physical, deep into the chakras and subtle energy bodies where the root cause of any 'issue' may be found and released. It is a purification and detoxification process. Many people do not realise the energetic baggage we can carry within us which could be building up over years or even lifetimes. These blockages could be from past traumas, grief or emotional wounds that were never fully dealt with at the time for example. Instead they may have been denied or pushed back down but they do not just go away and can even manifest physically when not acknowledged or released. This is why energy healing is so important because it can literally transmute trapped energy before it manifests physically, acting like a preventative method. 

Energy work opens up our consciousness to any areas we may need to work through and heal in our lives. By bringing the emotional, mental, physical and spiritual aspects into harmony during a session it allows the bodies natural healing process to take place and this is when shifts occur. 

If you would like to know more about energy healing please feel free to CONTACT me with any questions at all and I will respond as soon as possible.